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RING-RETAINING 4Z8540 - Caterpillar

4Z8540 RING-RETAINING Caterpillar parts RING
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 4Z8540 RING-RETAINING
Weight: 0.20 pounds 0 kg.

Buy RING-RETAINING 4Z8540 Caterpillar genuine, new aftermarket tractor parts with delivery

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Table 1
Features     Benefits    
All critical changes and updates included     Improved reliability and performance    
Worldwide availability through Cat parts distribution system     Customer access regardless of location    
Off-the-shelf availability     Downtime reduced through exchange product    
Same-as-new Caterpillar warranty     Consistent support    
Table 2
Part Description    Reman Part Number    New Part Number    Machine Serial Number Prefix    
Alternator     20R-3890     399-1485     (S/N: 544; A5D; B5P; B6K; BCZ; BDK; BDM; BDR; BDX; BDY; BEB; C5P; C5S; C6P; C6S; C7F; C7L; C8F; C8S; CH3; CH5; CYX; D2W; D3X; D6W; D8W; D9X; DH6; DKH; ERP; EY2; FCP; FCS; FWL; GAN; GEK; GNN; GNZ; H2A; H2B; H2C; H2D; H2E; H2F; H2G; H9A; J3A; J4M; J5B; JCP; JCS; JMM; JWK; K3D; K5E; KMA; KNP; KTC; KZN; M4C; M4P; M4S; M5B; MAN; MAT; MBH; MFC; MPC; P2T; P3W; P5F; P6K; P7F; P8F; P8L; P9M; PDF; PFM; RBB; RTA; SAT; TFM; TFW; TFZ; TRS; W2S; W2T; W3H; W5M; W6A; W8P; W8R; WAC; WGX; WLG; WMB; WSW)    
Cartridge     10R-0573     211-6960     (S/N: MSF; PAZ; SKY)    
Cartridge     20R-4994     350-9781     (S/N: 17Z; 1SL; 4YG; 525; 535; 545; 72V; 91P; 99Y; B92; B9D; B9M; JAP; JBP; JJA; JPA; SZL; SZM; SZN; SZP; SZS; SZW)    
Cartridge     20R-4995     290-2660     (S/N: 109; 545; PAK; PBK)    
Cartridge     20R-4996     262-7256     (S/N: 545; 573; A6P; B3T; BNW; BPW; BXW; C3N; D5G; DCY; EAD; FAC; H3N; J8D; L5G; L5H; L5K; X3N; Z2X)    
Cartridge     20R-4999     235-5507     (S/N: 511; 521; 522; 532; 541; 551; 552; B1K; B2L; B3M; B4N; B6H; BTM; C5K; CAP; CGZ; CYA; D3C; D3D; DC8; DKY; DTS; E4K; EAH; EDX; EFT; ELR; EMX; ERN; F7B; F7C; F7D; F7G; FAR; FFK; GAG; GBC; GGE; GKX; GMN; H3D; H3K; HAA; HAS; HHK; J2F; J6D; JAB; JBF; JBT; JCD; JER; JJM; JLP; JNK; JRX; JWR; KAB; KDD; KDJ; KKT; KRE; L2K; L5J; L5K; L5X; LAM; LCJ; LDR; LEM; LMG; LRM; M2P; M3D; M3M; M3N; M4T; MBR; MCA; MDS; MEY; MFA; MKM; MPL; MSD; MSL; MWP; MYG; MYP; NAH; NBD; NBN; NEF; NLS; P3H; P5J; PCK; PEL; PFC; PGW; PPN; PRF; PTB; R2D; RAS; RBH; RDA; RDK; SKE; T2Y; THJ; TLY; TPX; W3K; WBC; WDC; WET; WRK; XBH; YCF; ZCT; ZML)    
Cartridge     20R-5001     358-4926     (S/N: HPB; MSF; PAZ; SER; SKY)    
Injector     10R-4020     7C-2238     (S/N: 2TK; 4HK; 4HZ; 4XJ; 4YC; 4ZL; 5EL; 5RK; 5TL; 5ZL; 6CL; 6FL; 6HK; 6JC; 74Z; 7CL; 7EK; 7LL; 7TJ; 8GB; 8ZR; 9YF; 9ZC)    
Injector     10R-4021     100-6932     (S/N: 1HL; 2TK; 3SJ; 5TL; 6CL; 7CL)    
Injector     10R-4025     7C-0344     (S/N: 4YC; 6JC; 74Z; 9ZC)    
Injector     20R-4560     371-3974     (S/N: 2L5; BW2; CH9; CY2; DYB; ENC; EYE; HFW; HJF; JEG; JFL; KBX; KCE; KGY; KJB; LR6; MGW; ML6; MXK; NBX; P65; PJP; PTE; RCK; REC; RGA; RPR; SHJ; THW; TMJ;

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