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5088226 RING-RETAINI Caterpillar parts RING
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Caterpillar 5088226 RING-RETAINI

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Table 3
Standard Transmission    
Model     Stall Speed (RPM)    
Minimum Maximum    
56.0 kW (75 hp)     2019     2350    
68.5 kW (92 hp)     2180     2350    
68.5 kW (92 hp)     2155     2350    
74.5 kW (100 hp)     1965     2206    
When the test is complete, put the direction control lever (2) in NEUTRAL and the transmission speed control (1) in NEUTRAL. Stop the engine and remove the test equipment.Note: Do not keep the torque converter in a stall condition for very long periods of time. The torque converter and the engine will get hot.ProblemThe oil gets too hot during normal operation.Probable cause
Not enough oil is in the torque converter because the inlet relief valve for the torque converter is open.
The oil pump fails.
The torque converter fails.
The temperature gauge is bad. Replace the temperature gauge and the sending unit.
The air flow to the oil cooler is blocked by debris. Debris could also be blocking air flow to the engine cooler.ProblemHigh idle is correct, but stall speed is too high.Probable causeThe torque converter is bad.ProblemStall speed is low.Probable causeThere is an engine problem.Test for Clutch Oil Pressure and Transmission Lubrication
Illustration 12 g01454107
Typical exampleTwo-wheel drive (1) Pump pressure (2) Torque converter inlet (3) Reverse clutch pressure tap (4) Forward clutch pressure tap (5) Lubrication pressure tap
Illustration 13 g01521235
Typical exampleAll wheel drive (6) Pump pressure (7) Torque converter inlet (8) Reverse clutch pressure tap (9) Forward clutch pressure tap (10) Lubrication pressure tap (11) Pressure tap for the all wheel drive
Illustration 14 g01454114
(12) Transmission speed control (13) Direction control lever (14) All wheel drive switchThis test will show if oil pressure to the forward clutch and the pressure to the reverse clutch is good. The test will also show if the transmission lubrication circuit is good.
Install the 6V-3121 Multitach on the engine. The 6V-3121 Multitach can measure the engine speed by the use of the photo pickup and the reflective tape. The instructions for the use of the photo pickup and reflective tape are in Special Instruction, SEHS7807.
At pressure taps (3) and (4) or pressure taps (8) and (9), connect 198-4240 Digital Pressure Indicator .
At pressure tap (5) or (11), connect 198-4240 Digital Pressure Indicator .
Start the engine and run the engine at low idle.
Shift the direction control lever (13) to REVERSE, and shift the transmission speed control (12) to NEUTRAL. Reverse clutch pressure tap (3)

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