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3236102 ROD AS. Caterpillar parts ROD
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Caterpillar 3236102 ROD AS.
Weight: 19 pounds 9 kg.

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Engine exhaust contains products of combustion which may be harmful to your health. Always start and operate the engine in a well ventilated area and, if in an enclosed area, vent the exhaust to the outside.
Note: The machine is equipped with one position sensor for the left brake pedal and one position sensor for the right brake pedal. Both sensors should be tested. This test procedure works for the left sensor and for the right sensor.Required Tools
Table 1
Required Tools
Tool Item Qty Part No Description
A 1 146-4080 Digital Multimeter Gp Test Preparation
Drive the machine to a smooth, horizontal surface.
Illustration 1 g06059022
Move propel lever (4) to the NEUTRAL position.
Press parking brake switch (5) to change the status of the parking brake to "engaged". When the parking brake status is "engaged", an LED next to the parking brake switch will be illuminated.
Use travel mode switch (3) to select the pave mode. When the travel mode is set to pave, an LED next to pave symbol (2) will be illuminated.Note: The machine must be in pave mode to operate the screed lift system, hopper system, tow point system, and auger lift system.
If necessary, press the screed raise switch (1) to lift the screed off the screed service locks.
Illustration 2 g06059032
If necessary, retract screed lock lever (6) on each side of the machine.
Illustration 3 g06059418
Use screed float switch (7) to place the screed in the FLOAT position. When the screed is in the FLOAT position, an LED next to the screed float switch will illuminate. Allow the screed to lower to the ground.
Press rpm decrease switch (8) once to operate the engine in low idle.
Illustration 4 g06064884
Examine the display. If "Regen Conditions Not Met" warning (9) is shown and the banner is yellow, allow the engine to operate until the regeneration cycle is complete. The cycle may require up to 1 hour to complete. If the warning banner is red, use Cat® ET to complete a regeneration cycle as soon as possible. If no engine regeneration warning is shown, go to the next step.
Illustration 5 g06059534
Press and hold push to start switch (10). Release the switch when the engine stops.
Illustration 6 g06059552
Move machine power switch (11) to the OFF position.
Illustration 7 g06033756
Right pedal connector shown
Insert black spoon of Tool (B) into pin"2" of pedal connector (12). Connect black spoon to Tool (A).
Insert red spoon from Tool (B) into pin"3" of pedal connector (12). Connect red spoon to Tool (A).
Set Tool (A) to read "duty cycle".Test Procedure
Move machine power switch (11) to the ON position. Do not start the engine.
Value on Tool (A) should be 19 5 percent. If the value is outside the specified range, go to Step 8.
Illustration 8 g06034001
Slowly and steadily depress brake pedal (13) against the stop. Observe reading on Tool (A). The value should steadily decrease as the pedal is moved down. The value should not stop decrease until the pedal reaches the stop. When the pedal is against the stop, value on Tool (A) should be 79 5 percent.
Slowly and steadily release

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