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3967363 ROD-CONNECTING Caterpillar parts C140-16 ROD
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Caterpillar 3967363 ROD-CONNECTING

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MARINE ENGINE  C140-16   Caterpillar
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Illustration 9 g06331376
Example of 8E-6316 ring carrier.
Oil supply (K) enters the seal carrier and forces the outer seal rings out against outer seal lands (J) and is where steps will develop.
(J) Outer Seal Lands
(K) Oil Supply
(L) Lube Passage
Illustration 10 g06331346
Example of 8E-6316 ring carrier.
Preferred Step Detection Method
Example of using a small gauge MIG (Metal Inert Gas) wire to detect a wear step in the pressure side of groove.
Typical example of a wear step found on the edge of a seal groove caused by the Vespel seal. If a wear step is found, DO NOT USE PART AGAIN.
Illustration 11 g06331397
Typical example of a ring carrier that has gotten hot, DO NOT USE PART AGAIN.
Note: Close-up illustration of heat marks (M) is after rings were removed.
(M) Heat Marks
Illustration 12 g06331257
Example of 8E-9296 carrier assembly.
Alternative Step Detection Method
Check lands for dings, dents, scoring, or any other damage with a seal pick.
Run a seal pick across all defects lightly and if a defect stops the seal pick, then DO NOT USE PART AGAIN.
Illustration 13 g06331258
Example of 8E-9296 carrier assembly.
Check grooves for steps, scoring, or any other damage with a seal pick.
Run a seal pick across all defects and if a surface discontinuity stops the seal pick, then DO NOT USE PART AGAIN.
Illustration 14 g06331463
Example of 116-5812 stator carrier.
Use a surface reconditioning pad to remove oil residue (N).
(N) Oil Residue
(P) After application of a surface reconditioning padVisual Surface Inspection Method Information
Visual Surface Inspection (VT) is a method for testing components for cracks without damaging the component. Refer to Table 5 for advantages and disadvantages and Table 6 for standards and requirements for these NDT methods.
Table 5
Crack Detection Methods Advantages vs. Disadvantages
Detection Method Advantages Disadvantages
Visual Surface Inspection (VT) - Least Expensive
- Detects most damaging defects.
- Immediate Results
- Minimum part preparation - Limited to surface-only defects.
- Requires inspectors to have broad knowledge of welding and fabrication in addition to Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).
Table 6
Applicable Crack Detection Standards
Detection Method Standard Acceptance
Criteria Minimum
Visual Surface Inspection (VT) EN-ISO 5817
AWS D1.1 EN-ISO 5817 - Level B
AWS D1.1 - Table 6.1 EN-ISO 9712
ANSI-ASNT SNT-TC-1A Visual Surface Inspection (VT)
Illustration 15 g06338363
Example of Visual Surface Inspection (VT) Tooling
(A) Flashlight (or adequate light source)
(B) Magnifying Glass
(C) Tape Measure (or other measuring device)
(D) Inspection Mirror
(E) Seal Pick
Illustration 16 g06085442
Illustration of view through eye piece of a pocket microscope.
If necessary use a microscope with light for enhanced view and to measure the defects. Refer to Tooling Table 3 for the part numbers.Visual Surface Inspection (VT). VT is often the most cost-effective inspection method and requires little equipment as seen in Illustration 15 or optional 16. Personnel performing VT shall either be trained to a company standard or have sufficient experience and knowledge regarding the components being inspected. Personnel performing VT shall take routine eye exams.

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