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SEAL-PISTON 4Z8970 - Caterpillar

4Z8970 SEAL-PISTON Caterpillar parts SEAL
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 4Z8970 SEAL-PISTON
Weight: 0.07 pounds 0 kg.

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Engine Speed Protection
Delayed Engine Shutdown
Illustration 6 g02625216
(1) Machine ECU
(2) Monitor
(4) Engine ECU
(11) Key Switch
(12) Hydraulic Lock Solenoid The Delayed Engine Shutdown function allows the engine or exhaust system to run at low idle after the key is turned OFF. This function provides a cool down period for the engine or exhaust system. During the cool down period the engine burns soot that has collected in the exhaust system.
Illustration 7 g02626169
(A) Key OFF position
(B) Emergency Stop position If an immediate stop of the engine is necessary after the key has been turned OFF, turn the key to the Emergency Stop position (full left position).Engine Idle Shutdown
Illustration 8 g03470740
(1) Machine ECU
(2) Monitor
(4) Engine ECU
(6) Pump 1 Pressure Sensor
(7) Pump 2 Pressure Sensor
(8) Implement Pressure Switch
(9) Swing Control Pressure Sensor
(10) One Touch Low Idle Switch
(11) Key Switch
(12) Hydraulic Lock Solenoid The Engine Idle Shutdown function stops the engine automatically when the machine has been idle for longer than the set time. Before the engine stops, a warning message will be displayed on the Messenger.Pump Torque Control
Illustration 9 g03868250
(1) Machine ECU
(2) Monitor
(5) Switch Panel
(6) Pump 1 Pressure Sensor
(7) Pump 2 Pressure Sensor
(13) Right Travel Pressure Switch
(14) Left Travel Pressure Switch
(15) Negative Flow Control 1 Pressure Sensor
(16) Negative Flow Control 2 Pressure Sensor
(17) Negative Flow Control 2 (Idler pump) PRV
(18) Negative Flow Control 1 (Drive pump) PRV
(19) Power Shift Pressure PRV The pump regulators are controlled by the electronic control system. The machine ECU continually monitors various inputs. The machine ECU sends a pulse width modulated (PWM) driver to the proportional reducing valve on the pump regulators. Proportional reducing valve controls the output flow of the pump by changing the hydraulic signal pressure that flows to the actuator piston in the pump regulators.The machine ECU controls the PWM driver sent to the PRV and determines the required pump flow based off the following inputs.Desired engine speed - Determined by the engine speed dial.Actual engine speed - Determined by the engine speed pickup.Negative flow control pressure - Determined by the drive pump pressure sensor and the idler pump pressure sensor.Drive pump delivery pressure - The drive pump delivery pressure is measured by the drive pump pressure sensor located on the main control valve.Idler pump delivery pressure - The Idler pump delivery pressure is measured by the idler pump pressure sensor located on the main control valve.Integrated Engine and Pump Power Management Control
The integrated engine and pump power management control is a suite of software programs loaded into the engine ECU and machine ECU. This power management control performs the function of coordinating hydraulic power demands with engine power production. The machine ECU monitors the position of the joystick which corresponds to operator requests for hydraulic power. The machine ECU communicates with the engine ECU to control the flow of fuel to the injectors in coordination with changes in power demands from the various machine systems. The engine output power is matched to the sum of all power loads to ideally provide zero engine speed acceleration or deceleration. The

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