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0543553 SERVICE G- Caterpillar parts SERVICE
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Caterpillar 0543553 SERVICE G-
Weight: 5 pounds 2 kg.

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The problem that is identified below does not have a known permanent solution. Until a permanent solution is known, use the solution that is identified below.Problem
There have been reported failures of the autolube lubrication pump on the machines listed above.
Illustration 1 g06343771
(A) Pumping elementGrease contamination wears the seal on pumping element (A), which does not allow for the pump system to build pressure. Some returned lubrication pumps have had the pumping element reinstalled incorrectly.Solution
Do not operate or work on this product unless you have read and understood the instruction and warnings in the relevant Operation and Maintenance Manuals and relevant service literature. Failure to follow the instructions or heed the warnings could result in injury or death. Proper care is your responsibility.
Caterpillar is aware of this problem, but an interim repair has not been defined. Replace the failed part with same part number, using the rework instructions provided.
Table 1
Required Parts
Item Qty Part Number Part Name
1 1 248-4338 Lubrication Pump As (pumping element)
Verify that the agitator blade is opposite (180 degrees) from the pumping element.Note: Only install or remove the pumping element while the pump is turned off.
Illustration 2 g06343421
(B) Relief valve
Using a 17 mm wrench, remove relief valve (B).
Illustration 3 g06343425
(A) Pumping element
(C) Adapter
Using a 19 mm wrench, remove adapter (C).
Using a 24 mm wrench, loosen pumping element (A).
Illustration 4 g06343357
(A) Pumping element
(D) Piston
(E) Eccentric ring
Tilt pumping element (A) downward, to pivot piston (D) away from eccentric ring (E), as shown in Illustration 4.
Remove pumping element (A).Note: Ensure that piston (D) does not remain in the pump housing.
Illustration 5 g06343807
(1) 248-4338 Lubrication Pump As (pumping element)
(D) Piston
(E) Eccentric ring
Insert lubrication pump assembly (1) into pump housing, with piston (D) partially extended and at an upward angle, as shown in Illustration 5. When lubrication pump assembly (1) is fully inserted, return flat to pivot piston (D) down to eccentric ring (E).
Screw lubrication pump assembly (1) all the way into pump housing.
Using a 24 mm wrench, tighten lubrication pump assembly (1).
Illustration 6 g06343928
(1) 248-4338 Lubrication Pump As (pumping element)
(B) Relief valve
(C) Adapter
Using a 19 mm wrench, install adapter (C) into lubrication pump assembly (1).
Using a 17 mm wrench, install relief valve (B).Diagram of pumping element installation can also be found on the side of the pump.Internal design of the pumping element and cam is shown in Illustrations 7 and 8.
Illustration 7 g06343369
Internal view showing pumping element in priming position
(D) Piston
(E) Eccentric ring
(F) Cam
(G) Suction bore
(H) Medium
(J) Non-return valve
Illustration 8 g06344143
Internal view showing pumping element in delivery position
(D) Piston
(E) Eccentric ring
(F) Cam
(H) Medium
(J) Non-return valve
(K) Outlet bore

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