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5088196 SFWR GP-A4038 Caterpillar parts SFWR
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Caterpillar 5088196 SFWR GP-A4038

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Do not overtighten the tracks. Tracks that are too tight can cause premature failure of the tracks. Tracks that are too tight can cause power loss and bearing failures.Tracks that are too loose increase the possibility of the track derailing or the drive lugs mis-feeding on the drive sprocket. In aggressive operating conditions, occasional mis-feeding is normal. If consistent mis-feeding is observed, ensure that the track tension is set to the recommended specification. If the track tension is set to the recommended specification and mis-feeding is still observed, then your application may require a tighter track tension. Increase the track tension until consistent mis-feeding is no longer observed.The intervals for track tension vary depending on the following conditions: the machine application, the operator, the soil conditions, the climate and the condition of the undercarriage components. Operators are responsible for basic visual inspections of the track tension on a daily basis.
Illustration 1 g01450469
Support the machine so that the track is a minimum of 51 mm (2 inch) above the ground.
Illustration 2 g01450565
Measure the track sag at the middle track roller. Measure the distance from the bottom surface of the flange on the roller to the inside top surface of the track. The minimum track sag should be 30 mm (1.18 inch). The maximum track sag should be 40 mm (1.57 inch).Track Adjustment
Illustration 3 g01450599
In order to adjust the track, remove the access panel on the side of the undercarriage.
Illustration 4 g01450604
Pressurized grease in a cylinder is used in order to provide tension on the track. Use a grease gun in order to apply grease to the grease fitting on the cylinder. The track will be tightened.
Recheck the track tension.
Replace the access panel when the 30 mm (1.18 inch) sag is achieved.Detension the track
Personal injury or death can result from grease under pressure.Grease coming out of the relief valve under pressure can penetrate the body causing injury or death.Do not stand directly in front of the relief valve to see if grease is escaping. Watch the track or track adjustment cylinder to see if the track is being loosened.If track does not loosen, close the relief valve and consult your Cat dealer.
Note: Many operations for maintenance of the undercarriage require the track to be loosened.
In order to detension the track, remove the access panel on the side of the undercarriage.
Loosen the grease fitting with a suitable device. Loosen the grease fitting carefully until the track begins to loosen.Note: Catch the grease in a suitable container. Dispose of the grease in accordance with all applicable regulations.Note: One turn should be sufficient. If grease does not flow as expected, the lock plate can be temporarily removed. The relief valve can be turned further to allow for increased flow. Do not turn the relief valve more than eight turns.
Tighten the grease fitting to a torque of 74 14 N m (55 10 lb ft) when the desired track tension is reached.
Replace the access panel.

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