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Illustration 1 g00735127
(1) Cover
(2) Air cleaner element
(3) Turbocharger inlet
Remove the air cleaner cover. Remove the air cleaner element. Note: Refer to "Cleaning the Air Cleaner Elements".
Cover the air inlet with tape in order to keep out dirt.
Clean the inside of the air cleaner cover and body with a clean, dry cloth.
Remove the tape for the air inlet. Install an air cleaner element that is new or cleaned.
Install the air cleaner cover.
Reset the air cleaner service indicator. Cleaning the Air Cleaner Elements
Caterpillar recommends certified air filter cleaning services that are available at Cat dealers. The Cat cleaning process uses proven procedures to assure consistent quality and sufficient filter life.Observe the following guidelines if you attempt to clean the filter element:Do not tap or strike the filter element in order to remove dust.Do not wash the filter element.Use low pressure compressed air in order to remove the dust from the filter element. Air pressure must not exceed 207 kPa (30 psi). Direct the air flow up the pleats and down the pleats from the inside of the filter element. Take extreme care in order to avoid damage to the pleats.Do not use air filters with damaged pleats, gaskets, or seals. Dirt entering the engine will cause damage to engine components.
The air cleaner element can be used up to six times if the element is properly cleaned and inspected. When the air cleaner element is cleaned, check for rips or tears in the filter material. The air cleaner element should be replaced at least one time per year. This replacement should be performed regardless of the number of cleanings.Use clean air cleaner elements while dirty elements are being cleaned.
Do not clean the air cleaner elements by bumping or tapping. This could damage the seals. Do not use elements with damaged pleats, gaskets or seals. Damaged elements will allow dirt to pass through. Engine damage could result.
Visually inspect the air cleaner elements before cleaning. Inspect the air cleaner elements for damage to the seal, the gaskets, and the outer cover. Discard any damaged air cleaner elements.There are two common methods that are used to clean air cleaner elements:
Pressurized air
Vacuum cleaningPrimary Air Filter Elements
Caterpillar does not recommend cleaning the air filter elements. A damaged air filter element can allow dirt to pass through, resulting in reduced efficiency.Cleaning the air filter element will result in a progressive reduction from the original filter capacity each time the filter is cleaned.If the air filter must be cleaned, the following steps should be taken to minimize risks:
Do not clean the air filter element by bumping or tapping.
Do not use elements with damaged pleats, gaskets, or seals.
Discard damaged elements.
Do not use solvent or water to wash the element.
When cleaning the element, use a maximum air pressure of 207 kPa (30 psi). Minimum distance and time of using pressurized air is 75 mm (3 inch) for at least 3 minutes.
Do not aim the high-pressure air stream directly at the filter media.
Take precautions during the cleaning procedure to prevent damage to

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