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3905012 SOFTWARE GP- Caterpillar parts SOFTWARE
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Caterpillar 3905012 SOFTWARE GP-

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- At/ - And/or+/- - Plus or Minus≤ - Equal to or less than# - Number°C - Degree Celsius°F - Degree FahrenheitØ - Phase angleΩ - Ohm, unit of resistance® - TrademarkAC or ac - Alternating current, also implies root-mean-square (RMS)Ah - Amp hourAmbient noise - Acoustical noise of surrounding environmentAmbient temperature - Temperature of surrounding airANSI - American National Standard InstituteAWG - American Wire Gauge. A standard unit for measuring wire cross-sectional areaBTU or Btu - British thermal unit. Defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 lb of water by 1°FBYPASS mode - Load is powered by the bypass input line through the static switchBypass static switch - Internal automatic bypassC, Caps, Capacitors - Device that can hold a charge to filter unwanted fluctuationsCAN - Controller Area Network, Cat 5 communication connection cablesCB - Circuit breakerCell - Primary unit of a battery which is typically 2.25 VDCCde th - Command Thyristor SignalChoke - An inductor which is intended to filter or choke out unwanted signalsChopper - Inductive filter used to provide high impedance to an undesirable frequency Commutation - Reversing of current direction to turn on and off thyristors in a UPS Rectifier or InverterContactor - An electrically controlled switch (a relay) used for switching a power or control circuit. KA1 and KA2 are contactors.Critical load - Equipment that must have an uninterrupted power input to prevent damageCT - Current TransformerDC or dc - Direct current, or voltageDelta - 3-phase circuit configuration typically without a neutral lineDiode - Semiconductor device that will conduct current in only one directionEarth ground - A ground circuit that has contact with the earthElectrolyte - Acid solution surrounding battery cells to create chemical reaction for battery powerELV - Extra-Low VoltageELM - Electro Magnetic Interference. Magnetically induced noise from power lines and transformers.EPO - Emergency Power OffGenset - GeneratorGND - Electrical groundH or Hr - HourHz - Hertz, frequency measurement unit, 1Hz is1 cycle per secondI - CurrentIn - Nominal currentI/O - Input/outuptIEC - International Electrotechnical CommissionIEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronic EngineersInverter - An electrical circuit that generates an AC voltage source from a DC voltage sourceIGBT - Insulated gate bipolar transistors. Power transistor that uses voltage to turn on and off.In - Nominal current or current nominalI/O - Input/OutputInductor - A passive device that stores electrical energy in the form of a magnetic field. Normally consists of a wire loop or coil. Inductors are typically used to smooth out voltage fluctuations in power supply circuits.Internal Bypass - Static Bypass (Internal Bypass) - Is the bypass which will support the critical load when the inverter is not online. Function is automatic.Inverter - An electrical circuit that generates an AC voltage source from a DC voltage sourceJBUS - A high speed interconnect that provides packet-switched, split-transaction featuresKA1 and KA2 - UPS Contactors. KA1 - Mains Input Contact Switch. KA2 - Bypass Input Contact Switch.KVA - Kilovolt-Ampere is equal to 1000 Volt-AmpereKW - True power. Kilo-Watt =

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