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SPACER 0878459 - Caterpillar

0878459 SPACER Caterpillar parts 307 SPACER
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 0878459 SPACER
Weight: 0.24 pounds 0 kg.

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Compatible equipment models: 0878459:

MINI HYD EXCAVATOR  307   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 28
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Warranty Information And Required Maintenance
Information in this section does not apply outside the United States of America.For information regarding an authorized service facility, call (except Illinois, Alaska and Hawaii) toll free 1 (800) 447-4986. In Illinois, Alaska and Hawaii call collect (309) 673-3252.If an authorized service facility is not available in the event of an emergency, warranty service may be performed by an individual or automotive repair establishment. Caterpillar will reimburse the user for the cost of such service as is covered under this supplemental warranty up to an amount equal to Caterpillar's suggested list price for parts used and labor charged based on Caterpillar's recommended time allowance for the warranty repair at the customary hourly labor rate in that geographic area.As a condition of reimbursement, replaced parts and receipted invoices must be presented at a place of business of a Caterpillar dealer or other establishment authorized by Caterpillar.General Information
The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued regulations to establish emission standards and ensure that new motor vehicle engines will perform within prescribed limits. These regulations require new motor vehicle and new motor vehicle engine manufacturers to furnish maintenance instructions necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the engine within these limits. The Operation and Maintenance Manual has been prepared for this purpose.Maintenance, replacement or repair of the emission control devices and systems may be performed by any automotive repair establishment or individual using any automotive part which has been certified pursuant to EPA regulations.Authorized dealers are recommended for major maintenance and repair work as they are staffed with trained personnel, proper tools and are aware of the latest service methods and procedures. Owners and others who desire to perform their own work should purchase a Service Manual and obtain current information from their Caterpillar dealer.Customer Assistance
Caterpillar wishes to ensure that the Emission Control Systems warranty is properly administered. In the event that you do not receive the warranty service to which you believe you are entitled under the Emission Control Systems Warranty, call or write:Caterpillar Inc.
Manager, Truck Engine Business
Mossville, Illinois 61629
Ph. (309) 578-6288
Emission Control
The combustion process of a diesel engine produces exhaust byproducts such as smoke (visible), hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen (invisible). The dark smoke emitted by a diesel engine is soot or carbon particles and even in low concentration makes the diesel exhaust highly visible and offensive to most people. Every effort must be made to eliminate smoke through proper maintenance and operation.Under certain conditions, oxides of nitrogen react with certain hydrocarbons to form smog, which can become irritating and toxic if large concentrations accumulate. Concentrations of this pollutant combined with pollution of other sources all contribute to the total air quality problem.As an engine manufacturer, our goal is to see that environmental standards are met with minimal additional complexity or cost to the product. Throughout the years, continuing research and design improvements have been directed at minimizing exhaust emissions. Caterpillar has incorporated items such as: TURBOCHARGING (if equipped) - Reduces exhaust noise and

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog

Parts spacer Caterpillar catalog:

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307, E110, E110B, E120, E120B, E140, E180, E200B, E240, E240C, E300B, E70, E70B, EL240B
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