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STRAINER 2809540 - Caterpillar

2809540 STRAINER Caterpillar parts STRAINER
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Caterpillar 2809540 STRAINER

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(1) Check the diameter of four dowel pin drive holes (1). If the holes are less than 6.75 mm Ø (0.266" Ø), use a carbide drill and enlarge the holes to this diameter. Remove all chips and debris.(2) Place selector pawl (2) in the neutral position, and then tighten selector pawl setscrew (3). Release the output drive assembly retaining ring (4) and remove assembly (5).(3) Remove button head capscrew (6) and hard washer (7).(4) Remove input gear assembly (8) and output gear assembly (9) from case (10).(A) Disassembly Of Output Gear Assembly
(1) Remove protector band (1). Drive and/or press out (from the small hole side) the four dowel pins (2). Remove four output planet gears (3). Older models may have thrust races; see note on page 5. On torque multipliers that require drilling of the dowel pin drive holes, the dowel pins will be staked in and will require additional effort to remove. Torque multipliers with serial numbers lower than A800 may have a thrust race (4) positioned on each side of an older output planet gear (5). Remove and discard these thrust races.(2) Press two needle bearings (6) from each planet gear (3) with the driver assembly shown on page 15.(3) Press needle bearing (7) from the center of output gear cage (8) with the driver assembly.(4) Output planet gear (3) is longer and is used in torque multipliers with Serial Numbers A800-Up. Output planet gear (5) was used with Serial Numbers A799 and lower. Either gear can be used in all torque multipliers and they can be used with each other.(B) Disassembly Of Input Gear Assembly
(1) Remove needle bearing thrust race (1). Remove three button head capscrews (2). These screws are secured with Loctite, and will require additional effort to remove. When the screw opposite the mark "CW" on input gear cage (3) is removed, a spring and steel ball will be released from the cage.(2) Lift secondary pinion (4) from gear cage (3). If secondary pinion (4) can not be easily removed, place a socket extension in the hole as shown and tap with a plastic hammer. Be careful not to drop any parts.(3) Remove three input planet gears (5).(4) Remove all thrust races (6). Some torque multipliers (A799 and lower) may have a thrust race (6) positioned on each side of each planet gear (5).(5) Remove input pinion (7). Use the driver assembly shown on page 15 to press needle bearing (8) from each of the planet gears (5). Remove three dowel pins (9) from gear cage (3) using the 5P944 Dowel Puller Group and 5P943 Extractor.(6) Remove needle bearing (10) from gear cage (3) using the driver assembly.(7) Release and remove selector pawl setscrew (11). Remove selector pawl (12).Assembly Of 6V6080 Torque Multiplier
Put 5P960 Multipurpose Type Grease on all parts that are installed inside the cage.(A) Assembly Of Input Gear Assembly
(1) Press three 6V6139 Dowel Pins (1) into input

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