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2809558 STRAINER Caterpillar parts STRAINER
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Caterpillar 2809558 STRAINER

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Pressure in kPa (psi)Volume in Liters (U.S. gallons)Vacuum in mm Hg (inches Hg)Preparation of 8t3115/">8T3115 Portable track lubricator
1. If the handles are shipped unassembled, connect each handle to the pump valve stem at bottom hole (1) of each handle. Connect each handle to pivot links (2) at the top hole of each handle.2. Connect pressure hose (3) to the pressure port at location (A). Connect vacuum hose (4) to the vacuum port at location (B).3. Connect pressure hose (3) to a 3-way ball valve assembly (5) at location (C). Connect the vacuum hose (4) to the valve assembly at location (D).4. Fill the lubricator drum to level (F) shown with approximately 12 liters (3 U.S. gal) of 80-W-90EP gear lubricant. This is the standard track lubricating oil for all Sealed and Lubricated Track Groups.5. Install lid assembly (6) on the filled lubricator drum.priming the 8t3115 portable track lubricator
1. Insert vacuum overflow container (1) into bracket (2) on the lubricator drum. Install vacuum overflow hose (3) on the vacuum valve base at location (G). Insert the hose into the container.2. Turn 3-way ball valve lever (4) to the right (pressure position). Turn air bleed valve (5) to the left (counter-clockwise) to release any trapped air. Close the air bleed valve by turning it to the right (clockwise), and pump pressure handle (6) approximately 4 strokes until lubricant appears at the nozzle. In no lubricant appears, check the lubricant level. For priming, the lubricant level should be 5 to 8 cm (2" to 3") below the top of the drum.using the 8t3115 portable track lubricator
1. Insert the lubricator probe tip into the rubber stopper in the track link pin.2. Push the lever on 3-way ball valve (1) to the left (evacuation position). The lever must point towards the vacuum hose.3. Operate the vacuum pump handle 3 to 5 strokes until the reading on vacuum gauge (2) stabilizes at 635 to 760 mm (25" to 30") Hg.4. Release the vacuum pump handle and move the valve lever (1) to the vertical shut-off position.5. Observe vacuum gauge (2) to make sure that the vacuum in the track link bushing is maintained for 10 seconds.a. If the vacuum drops off, check the lubricator. This can be tested by holding a finger over the end of the lubricator probe tip.b. If the vacuum test shows the lubricator to be good, repeat the vacuum test on the track link bushing. Make certain that the lubricator probe tip is inserted all the way to the shoulder and there are no leaks around it. If the vacuum is not maintained for 10 seconds, the track link joint needs repair.6. Push valve lever (1). as shown above in the right photograph, to the right (fill position). The lever must point towards the pressure hose.7. Operate pressure lever (3) slowly for 8 to 12 strokes until the pressure gauge stabilizes.8. For all track-type machines except those noted in the next paragraph:a. Cover the lubricator probe with a rag, and

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