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STRIP 5V3387 - Caterpillar

5V3387 STRIP Caterpillar parts 920 STRIP
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Caterpillar 5V3387 STRIP
Weight: 32 pounds 14 kg.

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WHEEL LOADER  920   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 2
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This Special Instruction describes the procedures for the installation of the 118-6256 Sensor Kit on 3406B and 3406C electronic engines.The 118-6256 Sensor Kit is now available to install the oil pressure sensor in an alternate location.In the event of an oil pressure sensor failure/fault, the 118-6256 Sensor Kit alleviates the need to replace the transducer module by providing an alternate location for the oil pressure sensor.The disabled oil pressure sensor, located within the transducer module, is left in place and a new oil pressure sensor is installed in the engine cylinder block's oil gallery.The 118-6256 Sensor Kit simplifies the replacement of a failed oil pressure sensor and minimizes customer downtime/expense.The 118-6256 Sensor Kit contains all necessary parts for the installation including a special tool (8T-5318 Connector) for the removal of Deutsch electrical connectors.118-6256 Sensor Kit
1. Locate the oil pressure gallery on the right side of the engine (as viewed from the flywheel end).Inspect the area to verify that there is at least one oil pressure port available on this gallery BEFORE attempting to install the kit.2. Locate the Transducer Module on the left side of the engine (as viewed from the flywheel end). Pull back the black plastic sheathing on the Control Group Transducer Module wiring (pigtail) from the 9 Pin Connector (J5/P5).Remove Pin B (Grey [Sensor Common]), Pin C (Brown [+5 Volts]) and Pin G (Purple [Oil Pressure]) from connector P5 using the 8T-5318 Deutsch Connector Pin Removal Tool (for 16 and 18 AWG wire).3. Insert three wires into 104-2921 3 Pin DT Connector Plug Assembly on the Y end of 117-8145 Wiring Harness.* Insert the Brown (+5 Volts) wire (removed from Pin C) into Pin A.* Insert the Grey (Sensor Common) wire (removed from Pin B) into Pin B.* Insert the Purple (Oil Pressure) wire (removed from Pin G) into Pin C.After inserting the Brown (+5 Volts), Grey (Sensor Common) and Purple (Oil Pressure Signal) wires into the 104-2921 3 Pin DT Connector Plug Assembly, install the Orange 3E-3368 Wedge (Plug Lock) into the Connector Plug and mate the connector. The 3 Pin DT Connector Plug Assembly MUST be properly LOCKED together to ensure that the two halves can NOT be pulled apart. You will hear an audible CLICK as the connectors seat. The wire colors should match on both sides of the 104-2921 3 Pin DT Connector Plug Assembly, except for the Purple (Oil Pressure) wire, there is no wire on the receptacle side (Pin C) of the connector.4. Locate the three wires on the opposite branch of the Y end of the 117-8145 Harness.The wires can be identified by the Deutsch female pins on the wire ends and are to replace the three wires pulled from the 9 Pin Control Group Transducer Module Connector (J5/P5) in Step 2.* Insert the Brown (+5 Volts) wire into Pin C (P5).* Insert the Grey (Sensor Common) wire into Pin B (P5).* Insert the Purple (Oil Pressure) wire into Pin G (P5).5. Secure the two branches of the

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog

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