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0543243 STUD Caterpillar parts STUD
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Caterpillar 0543243 STUD
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Illustration 1 g06301140
(1) Ride control valve
(2) Accumulator (second accumulator not shown)Ride Control System
The optional ride control system dampens the ride during machine travel. The Series 988K ride control valve (1) is equipped with an activation solenoid and a balance solenoid. The Implement ECM controls both solenoids. The ride control valve is located near the articulation hitch, on the non-engine end frame. The ride control activation solenoid controls the oil flow between the head end of the lift cylinders, ride control accumulators (2), and the oil flow between the rod end of the lift cylinders and the tank.The balance solenoid controls the pressure in the ride control accumulators acting on the balance valve spool. The balance valve uses the accumulator pressure and the pressure in the head end of the lift cylinders to equalize the pressure when the ride control activation valve is not activated. Equalizing the pressure helps to maintain bucket position when the ride control system is activated. The pressure is equalized instantaneously before the ride control system activates.When the ride control button in the cab is pressed, a signal is sent to the Implement ECM, which enables the ride control AUTO mode. The ride control system will automatically activate when the ground speed exceeds 9.7 km/h (6 mph) in the forward direction, and deactivates when the ground speed is below 8.7 km/h (5.4 mph). In the reverse direction, the automatic ride control activates when the ground speed exceeds 3.2 km/h (2 mph), and deactivates when the ground speed is below 2.2 km/h (1.4 mph).The ride control activation speeds can be configured using the monitoring system information display or through Cat ET®. The factory default speed is 9.7 km/h (6 mph).If the ride control switch is pressed and held for 2 seconds and the parking brake is engaged, the ride control system is in SERVICE mode and will remain active regardless of engine speed. The SERVICE mode is used only for machine servicing.Implement Hydraulic System - Ride Control Activated
Illustration 2 g06301229
Ride control schematic (partial)
When the bucket is raised off the ground, there is pressure in the head end of the lift cylinders (1), which acts on the right end of the balance valve (2) in the ride control valve (3). During normal ride control operation, the balance solenoid (4) is energized by the Implement ECM, which directs oil from the left end of the balance valve to the tank. The balance valve shifts to the left. Oil from the implement pump (5) flows through the check valve and the balance valve to the ride control accumulators (6), charging the accumulators. When the accumulators are fully charged, accumulator oil pressure closes the check valve.When the ride control activation speed is reached, the balance solenoid is de-energized momentarily, which directs accumulator oil to the left end of the balance valve. The balance valve moves to the right to balance the pressure in the accumulators with the pressure in the head end of the lift cylinders.When the Implement ECM energizes the activation

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