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Power Distribution
Illustration 1 g03791268
Tamper Electrical Schematic (1) Power distribution module (2) Tamper solenoid (3) Tractor CAN lines (4) From fuse "FD5" (5) From fuse "FS8" (6) From fuse "FN3" (7) Tractor/Screed harness (8) Left screed operator station (9) Left display (10) Keypad (11) Multifunction dial (12) CAN lines (13) Multifunction dial (14) Keypad (15) Right display (16) Right screed operator station (17) Screed ECMThe tamper system receives power from the following fuses:
Fuse "FD5" (4) - Switched power transfers from this fuse to contact "C1-8" of the power distribution module. From connector "C1", the power transfers to the "RC-C2-10" terminals of screed left display (9) and right display (15) . This voltage input provides the power for the screed displays. Fuse "FD5" is rated 20 amp.
Fuse "FS8" (5) - Switched power transfers from this fuse to contact "C1-14" of the power distribution module. Power then transfers to terminal "J1-1" of screed ECM (17) and to terminals "RC-C2-9" of screed displays (9) and (15) . Power also transfers to terminals "RC-C9-2" of screed keypads (10) and (14) . Fuse "FS8" is rated 10 amp.
Fuse "FN3" (6) - Unswitched power transfers from this fuse to contact "C1-16" of the power distribution module. Power then transfers to terminals "J1-31", "J1-39" and "J1-47" of screed ECM (17) . This voltage input provides the power for the screed ECM. Fuse "FN3" is rated 20 amp.Operation Parameters
Once basic settings and parameters are set, the operational parameters required to be met for the tamper to operate are as follows:
Machine power ON
Key switch ON
Engine running
Tamper selected ON
Automatic or manual-mode selected (default automatic)
Tamper rate or tamper rpm selected
Implement forward pave mode
Machine forward movement
Tamper delay timer expiredWhen the parameters are met, screed ECM (17) energizes tamper solenoid (2) . The system controls the solenoid current in order to ramp to tamper target speed and maintain the selected tamps-per-meter in automatic mode. In manual mode, the system will control the desired ramp rate to reach the selected operator-selected tamper rpm.If there is a Low Hydraulic Oil Temperature event, the tamper is disabled to avoid damage to the hydraulic system.The implement forward pave mode parameter is set to true whenever the machine is in the pave mode and the propel lever is in forward. The machine is not required to be moving and the park brake can be on for this parameter to be true.Screed ECM (17) requests tamper type configuration from the machine ECM. The tamper type configuration is stored on the machine ECM because the information characterizes the type of tamper pump that is installed on the tractor.Screed ECM (17) uses the tamper type configuration to determine the pump size used for calculating tamper bar motor speed.Switches, Dials, and Indicators
One multifunction mode switch located on keypads (10) and (14) must select tamper mode for multifunction dials (11) or (13) to change speed or rate. Each press of a multifunction mode switch activates functions in clockwise order from the default function. The tamper mode indicator is illuminated when the tamper mode

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