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SUPPORT AS 2444062 - Caterpillar

2444062 SUPPORT AS Caterpillar parts 3508, 3508B, 3512, 3512B, 3512C, 3516, 3516B, 3516C
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 2444062 SUPPORT AS
Weight: 32 pounds 14 kg.

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Compatible equipment models: 2444062:

GENERATOR SET  3508   3508B   3512   3512B   3512C   3516   3516B   3516C   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 1
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Personal injury can result when using cleaner solvents.To help prevent personal injury, follow the instructions and warnings on the cleaner solvent container before using.
Personal injury or death can result from a fire.Fuel leaked or spilled onto hot surfaces or electrical components can cause a fire.Clean up all leaked or spilled fuel. Do not smoke while working on the fuel system.Turn the disconnect switch OFF or disconnect the battery when changing fuel filters.
Do not pre-fill the fuel filter with fuel before you install the fuel filter. Contaminated fuel WILL DAMAGE the fuel system components.
Caterpillar STRONGLY recommends the use of high efficiency fuel filters. High efficiency fuel filters are designed in order to better protect diesel engines that have higher injection pressures and closer tolerances. Use of fuel filters that are NOT high efficiency fuel filters will result in shortened fuel system component life. Caterpillar high efficiency fuel filters are the preferred filters for Caterpillar engines.
Fuel System Primary Filter - Replace
To keep the engine in optimum condition, keeping the fuel free from contamination is important. As fuel system contamination usually occurs during refueling, the following points should be observed:
Only use clean fuel of the correct grade from a reliable source.
Do not refuel from contaminated containers or containers that are not suitable for fuel storage.
Do not use contaminated equipment.
Regularly clean the outside of the fuel filler cap and the area around the fuel filler cap.
Only use Caterpillar approved fuel filters. The use of Caterpillar filters is essential to protect the fuel system.
Do not service the fuel filters ahead of the suggested maintenance interval, unless you are instructed by the monitoring system. This action will increase the risk of contamination in the fuel system.Note: If equipped, the service indicator for “Water in Fuel” will be illuminated if the sediment bowl needs to be emptied.Note: The service indicator on the dash will be illuminated if the fuel filters need to be changed. All machines have a sensor on the second filter to detect plugging. Certain machines have an additional sensor on the primary filter in order to detect plugging. Both sensors will illuminate the service indicator on the dash. If the service indicator is active, change all three fuel filters.Note: To reduce the risk of contamination in the system, do not remove the fuel filters simultaneously. Perform these operations separately.Note: After the engine has stopped, wait for 60 seconds to allow the fuel pressure to be purged from the high-pressure fuel lines before any service or repair is performed on the engine fuel lines.
Open the engine access door on the right side of the machine. The fuel filter element is located toward the front of the engine.
Place a suitable container under the water separator to catch any fuel that might spill. Clean up any spilled fuel. Clean the outside of the water separator and the fuel filter.
Illustration 1 g03651087
Open the drain (3). Allow the fluid to drain into the container. Remove the tube.
Tighten the drain by hand pressure only.
If equipped, remove the wiring harness

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3516 Generator Set JCW00001-UP
3516B Generator Set JCY00001-UP
3516B Generator Set JDE00001-UP
3516C Generator Set JDH00001-UP
3516C Generator Set JDJ00001-UP
3516C Generator Set SEK00001-UP
3516C Generator Set SFJ00001-UP

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3508, 3512, 3516, G3512, G3516
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