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2501089 SUPPORT AS Caterpillar parts CB-434D SUPPORT
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Caterpillar 2501089 SUPPORT AS

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Park the machine on level ground. Lower the bucket to the ground with the stick in the vertical position.
Illustration 2 g00666077
(1) Bolts (2) Washers (3) Cover
Remove bolts (1), washers (2) and access cover (3) from the top of the hydraulic tank.
Illustration 3 g00665049
Clean the area thoroughly in order to keep dirt out of the screen cover. Clean the area thoroughly in order to keep dirt out of the pressure cap.
Relieve the internal pressure from the hydraulic tank by loosening the pressure cap. After the pressure is relieved, remove the pressure cap.
The oil drain valve is located under the hydraulic tank.Note: Refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual, "General Hazard Information" for information on Containing Fluid Spillage.
Illustration 4 g00666273
Remove the oil drain valve plug.
Illustration 5 g00293719
Install a pipe and a hose in order to open the drain valve. The pipe should have 1-11 1/2 NPSM threads. Drain the oil into a suitable container.
Remove the pipe in order to close the drain valve.
Inspect the O-ring. Replace the O-ring if wear or damage is evident.
Clean the drain plug. Install the drain plug.
Clean the pump, the hydraulic lines and the hydraulic tank.
Illustration 6 g00666276
(4) Bolts (5) Washers (6) Cover (7) Spring (8) Screen
Remove bolts (4), washers (5), and cover (6) .Note: Dispose of used filters and used fluids according to local regulations.Note: Do not allow spring (7) to fall into the tank.
Remove spring (7) and screen (8) .Note: Refer to Operation and Maintenance, "General Hazard Information" for information on containing fluid spillage.
Wash the screen in a clean nonflammable solvent. Allow the screen to dry. Inspect the screen. Replace the screen, if the screen is damaged.
Illustration 7 g00666322
(9) O-ring seal (10) O-ring seal
Remove O-ring seals (9) from the old screen.
Inspect O-ring seals (9) and (10). Replace the O-ring seals if wear or damage is evident.
Install O-ring seal (9) on screen (8) .
Install screen (8) and spring (7). Then install cover (6), washers (5), and bolts (4) .Note: Make sure that the O-ring seals and the spring are properly positioned during installation.
Fill the hydraulic system oil tank. Refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Refill Capacities".
Illustration 8 g00101462
Inspect the pressure cap. Clean the pressure cap. Replace the pressure cap if damage is evident.
Install the pressure cap.
Illustration 9 g00666323
Note: Make no attempt to start the engine until the pump has been filled with hydraulic oil. Serious damage to the hydraulic components can result.
When the hydraulic oil has been replaced, the air must be removed from the hydraulic oil system. Use the following procedure to remove the air from the hydraulic oil system.
Stop the engine.
Slowly loosen the pressure cap on the top of the hydraulic tank.
Slowly loosen the vent plug on the top of the hydraulic pump.
Leave the plug loose until hydraulic oil starts to flows out of the plug. This indicates that the air has been released from the hydraulic system.
Install the vent plug to a torque of 19 to 23 N m (14 to 17 lb ft).
If necessary, add hydraulic oil through the opening for the pressure cap.
Tighten the pressure cap securely.
Install the access

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