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2. Remove the support link from the storage position. 3. Remove the 8G4082 jack handle from the tool box. 4. Remove 10 bolts, 5 from each side. A 5P7320 Slugging Wrench, used to help remove the bolts, is available from your Caterpillar dealer. It is part of the 6V2121 attachment tool group. 5. Remove 2 cotter pins and pins, located on the right side, that hold the sections of each linkage. Make certain the linkage top halves are free to move up. 6. Remove 1 cotter pin and pin from the linkage on the left side of the machine. Make certain the linkage top half is free to move up. 7. Install the jack handle. Carefully raise the cab with the hydraulic jack. Check both sides to make certain the linkages are moving up without interference.8. Extend the jack approximately 440 mm (17.2 in.). 9. Install the support link. Install two bolts that were originally removed from the side support bracket, one on each end of the bracket. Tighten the bolts securely.The cab tilt-up procedure is now complete. The transmission filter element can now be changed.10. See the following item, "Change the Filter Element."Drain Filter Housing
To avoid transmission contamination, the filter element housing must be drained of oil before removing filter element.
1. Open the access cover, located at the rear of machine and pull the drain hose out.2. Open the filter housing drain valve located on the housing and allow the oil to drain from the filter housing.3. Close the valve and the access cover.Change the Filter Element
1. Remove the bolts and cover assembly. 2. Remove the used filter element (1).3. Inspect the seal (2) on top of housing. Replace, if cut or damaged.
Dirty oil or debris left in the transmission filter housing during filter change can enter the transmission and cause serious damage. Use a clean, dry cloth to clean the bottom of the housing.
4. Clean the bottom of the housing with a clean, dry cloth. 5. Insert a new filter element into the housing. 6. Reinstall the cover assembly and bolts.7. See "Lowering the Cab."8. Start the engine and refill the transmission oil as specified in the "Every 10 Service Hours or Daily."Lowering the Cab
1. Install the jack handle and apply a slight up pressure with the jack. 2. Remove the bolts and support linkage. Open the jack relief valve just enough to SLOWLY LOWER the cab to the frame.
To avoid linkage damage, if necessary move the linkage when lowering.
3. Reconnect the two linkages on the right side with pins and cotter pins. 4. Reconnect the linkage on the left side with the pin and cotter pin. 5. Install ALL 10 bolts, 5 on each side that were originally removed. Tighten all bolts securely. Torque for these bolts is standard.6. Place the cab support link in the storage position. Put the jack handle in the tool box.7. Start the engine. 8. If necessary, add oil in through the fill tube to bring the oil level to

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