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3904395 SUPPORT Caterpillar parts SUPPORT
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Caterpillar 3904395 SUPPORT
Weight: 3 pounds 1 kg.

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Always use an air line lubricator with these Starters.For temperatures above 32°F (0°C), use a good quality SAE 10 motor oil.For temperatures below 32°F (0°C), use diesel fuel.To maintain the efficiency of the starting motor, flush it at regular intervals. Pour approximately 1 pt. (0.5 liter) of diesel fuel into the air inlet of the starting motor and operate the motor. This will remove the dirt, water and oil mixture (gummy coating) from the vanes of the motor.Air Starting Motor (Ingersoll-Rand)
Before disassembling an SM450 Starter, always mark adjacent parts on the motor housing cover (1), motor housing (7), gear case (52), gear case cover (30) and drive housing (48) so that these members can be located in the same relative position when the starter is reassembled.Do not disassemble the starter any further than necessary to replace a worn or damaged part. Do not remove any part which is a press fit in or on a subassembly unless the removal of that part is necessary for replacement or repairs. Do not press any needle bearing or bushing from a bearing recess unless a new bearing or bushing is to be installed. These members are always damaged during the removal process.Always have a complete set of gaskets, vanes, seals and O-rings on hand before starting any overhaul of an SM450 Starter. Never reuse old gaskets, seals or O-rings.Never wash a bendix drive in kerosene or other solvent. Doing so will remove or dilute the factory applied lubricant within the drive clutch.
1. Motor Housing Cover Assembly. 2. Housing Cover Plug. 3. 1/8" Pipe Plug. 4. Housing Cover Gasket. 5. Housing Cover Cap Screws (eight). 6. 3/8" Lock Washers (sixteen). 7. Motor Housing. 8. Cylinder Assembly. 9. Air Port Gaskets (four). 10. Spring (one for each Gasket). 11. Cylinder End Plates (two). 12. Cylinder Dowel. 13. Rotor Assembly. 14. Rotor Bearing Spacers (two). 15. Rotor Bearing Locknut. 16. Locknut Retaining Washer. 17. Pinion Retainer. 18. Pinion Retainer Screws (two). 19. Retaining Screw Lockwashers (two). 20. Lock Wire. 21. Rotor Bearings (two) Special; purchase from Ingersoll-Rand). 22. Vane Packet (Set of five). 23. Rear Rotor Bearing Spring Washer. 24. Rotor Pinion. 25. Drive Shaft Thrust Washer. 26. Drive Gear. 27. Drive Gear Key. 28. Drive Shaft. 29. Drive Shaft Front Bearing. 30. Gear Case Cover Assembly. 31. Gear Case Cover Seal. 32. Piston Seal. 33. Gear Case Cover Screws (eighteen). 34. Gear Case Screw Lockwashers (eighteen). 35. Drive Shaft Grease Seal. 36. Gear Case Bolts (six). 37. Gear Case Bolt Nuts (six). 38. Gear Case Cap Screws (two). 39. Drive Housing Cap Screws (fourteen). 40. Cap Screw Lockwashers (fourteen). 41. Piston Assembly. 42. Piston Ring. 43. Shift Ring (consists of two halves). 44. Shift Ring Retainer. 45. Shift Ring Spacer. 46. Piston Return Spring. 47. Return Spring Seat. 48. Drive Housing Assembly. 49. Drive Housing Bushing. 50. Bushing Oiler. 51. Bendix Starter Drive (pinion). 52. Gear Case Assembly. 53. Drive Shaft Rear Bearing. 54. 1/8" Pipe Plugs (two). 55. Drive Shaft

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog
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