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SWITCH AS- SAW 2058563 - Caterpillar

2058563 SWITCH AS- SAW Caterpillar parts
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Caterpillar 2058563 SWITCH AS- SAW
Weight: 0.22 pounds 0 kg.

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Removal Of The Injector
The injector tip was made very hard to provide a long life. This hardness also makes the tip brittle. Side loading during the installation or striking the tip against a hard object or dropping the injector can cause the tip to break or crack. Installing an injector with a cracked tip may result in major engine damage.
After removing the injector, a certain amount of fuel and oil runs down the cylinder. Most of the fuel must be removed before the injector is reinstalled in order to avoid the possibility of hydraulic lock and severe engine damage when the engine is next cranked. In order to minimize the amount of fuel running into the cylinder, the fuel supply shutoff valve should be closed before injector removal.
The injector must not be damaged when the injector is returned for a warranty. The injector must also be returned in the original protective packaging. The warranty or remanufacturing core credit may be reduced or denied if the injector is not returned in the original packaging. An injector with possible damage to the tip must be returned in the original package. The damaged injector must be clearly identified as having "possible tip damage".
Illustration 2 g00811184
(2) Terminals of wire harness (3) Bolts (4) Adapter (5) Injector jumper tube (6) Socket head cap screw (7) Bolt (8) Clamp (9) Injector (10) O-ring seal (11) Injector sleeve (12) O-ring seal
Close the shut off valve for the fuel supply.
Remove the valve cover assembly.
Illustration 3 g00811209
Mark the terminals of the wire harness (2) with the number of the cylinder. This will help to ensure correct reassembly.
Remove the terminals of the wire harness (2) for the unit injector.
Remove the bolts (3) from the injector jumper tube (5) . Remove socket head cap screws (6) from the adapter (4) . Remove the injector jumper tube (5) and adapter (4) .
Illustration 4 g00811215
Remove O-ring seals (13) and (14) . Remove the clamp bolt (7) and the clamp (8) .
The correct injector removal procedures and tooling specified in this Special Instruction MUST ALWAYS be used. Any leverage applied below the injector valve body can cause deformation of the poppet valve bore and possible failure. Do NOT pry on the injector.
Remove the injector by using one of the following methods:
Illustration 5 g00337715
This is an example of a manual removal of the injector.
When you are removing the injector by hand, grasp the injector and twist. The carbon that has built up on the seat should break loose. The injector can then be lifted out. If the seat cannot be broken loose by hand, the 131-3921 Injector Puller should be used.
Illustration 6 g00811227
131-3921 Injector Puller (15) 093-0386 Plated Washer (16) 131-8196 Handle (17) 131-8198 Stud Assembly (18) 131-8197 Bridge Assembly (19) 0S-1616 Bolts (20) 4B-4276 Washers
Illustration 7 g00337716
This photo shows the proper position of the injector puller.
Refer to Illustration 7. Install the 131-3921 Injector Puller on the injector. Install the 0S-1616 Bolts in the threaded holes in the top of the injector.

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