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0876236 TANK A FUEL Caterpillar parts TANK
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Caterpillar 0876236 TANK A FUEL

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On certain B and C model Asphalt Pavers, the conveyors and augers may go to full speed for a few seconds during normal operation. This action will happen just after an auxiliary function is operated (most commonly the screed extender IN/OUT). This condition has also been known to create temporary glitches in the grade control system.Problem
On an auxiliary function coil with no, or a failed arc suppressor, a transient voltage spike can travel backwards in the electrical system. This voltage spike can cause a temporary interruption in the material feed, or grade control sensors. This interruption typically will last for a maximum of 10 seconds.On certain early asphalt screeds, ornon-Cat screeds, there may be no arc suppressors installed at the electrical connections of the valve. This condition would also apply to any valve that causes the symptom, such as truck hitch, hopper, auger, shift, or if the existing arc suppressor on any of these valves has failed.Solution
The installation of external arc suppressors will prevent the transient voltage spikes from creating a malfunction of the above mentioned electrical circuits. A common suppressor that may be used is a 189-3158 Arc Suppressor . The arc suppressors may be added by cutting and splicing the existing wires, or ordering "Y" harnesses and plugs. Using the "Y" harness will not require cutting, splicing, or soldering the existing wiring. It is at the discretion of the dealer to decide which method to use.
Table 1
Required Parts For Cut and Splice Method    
Item     Qty     Part Number     Description    
1     2     189-3158     Arc Suppressor    
2     2     155-2270     Connecting Plug Kit    
3     2     194-5226     Wire As    
4     4     3S-2093     Cable Strap    
5     2         Butt splices large enough to join three 16 gage wires Heat shrink tubing to cover butt splices    Installation Procedure
Illustration 1 g03688104
(A) Left extender out (B) Left extender inCut and Splice Installation
Cut and splice the 194-5226 Wire As (Sockets) (3) approximately 2 inches back from the solenoid connector. One wire is spliced into the power (hot) and one is spliced into the ground connection for the solenoid. Solder and heat shrink the spliced connections.
Connect 194-5226 Wire As (Sockets) (3) that is coming from the positive (+ power) side to pin ( 1) of 155-2270 Connecting Plug Kit (2). Connect the other wire that was spliced into the negative (- ground) side to pin (2). Plug 189-3158 Arc Suppressor (1) into the plug and cable strap the connector back to main harness as necessary to secure.
Refer to Illustration 1 for schematic view of typical installation. The polarity of the connections is important, trace wires as per illustration to be sure arc suppressor is connected properly.
Repeat procedure for other solenoids if necessary.Installation with "Y" Harnesses
Table 2
Required Parts For "Y" Harness Method    
6     2     189-3158     Arc Suppressor

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