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2718530 TANK GP-FUEL Caterpillar parts 770, 772 TANK
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Caterpillar 2718530 TANK GP-FUEL

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TRUCK  770   772   Caterpillar
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Installation Procedure
Table 1
Required Tools
Tool Part Number Part Description Qty
B 1U-6684 Piston Ring Compressor 1
C 8T-3052 Degree Wheel 1
Keep all parts clean from contaminants.Contaminants may cause rapid wear and shortened component life.
If the connecting rod caps were temporarily installed, remove the connecting rod caps. If necessary, thoroughly clean all of the components. Note: Discard all used connecting rod bolts.
Apply clean engine oil to the cylinder bore, piston, piston rings, connecting rod shell, and the shell in the connecting rod cap.
Rotate crankshaft until the required crankshaft journal is at bottom center position. Lubricate the crankshaft journal with clean engine oil.
Illustration 1 g02999358
Typical example
Lightly lubricate Tooling A with clean engine oil. Install Tooling (A) onto piston (4) Note: Ensure that the piston assembly is installed into the correct cylinder. Also, ensure the correct orientation of the assembly, refer to Illustration 2.
Illustration 2 g02999579
(4) Piston
(A) Cut out for piston cooling jet
(Y) Piston cooling jet
(X) Connecting rod identification marks
Ensure that Tooling (B) is installed correctly and that piston (4) can easily slide from the tool. Note: Ensure alignment of the connecting rod assembly to the crankshaft journal.
Carefully push the piston and the connecting rod assembly into the cylinder bore and onto the crankshaft pin.
Illustration 3 g03001177
Typical example
Ensure that etched number in Position (X) on connecting rod cap (1) matches etched number in Position (X) on connecting rod (3). Ensure the correct orientation of connecting rod cap (1). The locating tab for the upper bearing shell and the lower bearing shell should be on the same side. Install the connecting rod cap (1) and install new bolts (2).
Tighten the new bolts to 50 N m (37 lb ft). Turn the bolts for an additional 70 degrees in a clockwise direction. Use Tooling (C) in order to achieve the correct final torque.
Ensure that the installed connecting rod assembly has tactile side play. Rotate the crankshaft in order to ensure that there is no binding.
Repeat Step 1 through Step 9 in order to install the remaining pistons and connecting rod assemblies End By:
Install the cylinder head. Refer to Disassembly and Assembly, "Cylinder Head - Install" for the correct procedure.
If necessary, install the balancer. Refer to Disassembly and Assembly, "Balancer - Install" for the correct procedure.
Install the oil suction pipe. Refer to Disassembly and Assembly, "Engine Oil Pan Remove and Install" for the correct procedure.

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