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3209107 TANK AS Caterpillar parts TANK
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Caterpillar 3209107 TANK AS

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Illustration 7 g06305126All centerlines are measured from Datum line (D). Datum line (D) is the vertical plane from the crank web thrust face.
Table 11
Callout Dimension
(L) 554.74 mm (21.84011 in)
(M) 434.74 mm (17.11571 in)
(N) 314.74 mm (12.39131 in)
(P) 194.74 mm (7.66691 in)
(Q) 74.74 mm (2.94251 in)
(R) 45.26 mm (1.78189 in)
Table 12
Specifications for 331-1682 and 383-3581 Cylinder Blocks
Squareness 0.03 mm / 100 mm (0.001 inch / 3.967 inch)
Roundness 0.008 mm (0.0003 inch)
Cylindricity 0.010 mm (0.0004 inch)
Parallelism 0.03 mm / 100 mm (0.001 inch / 3.967 inch)
Crankshaft bore to top face of cylinder block 352.274 mm to 352.374 mm (13.869 to 13.873 inch) Surface Texture of Cylinder Bores
The surface texture of the cylinder bores must meet the following requirements. Failure to meet the surface texture may result in the engine not meeting the required emissions legislation. When an oversize piston kit is installed, all the pistons must be oversized and installed as a complete set. Using only one or two oversize piston kits may result in an engine imbalance. If one piston bore needs to be machined oversize, all the remaining piston bores must also be machined oversize. The oversizing of the piston bore is a four-step process. The angle of the crosshatch is required to be 30°-35° off the horizontal axis of the bore.
Table 13
Oversize Bore Procedures
0.5 mm (0.02 inch) Finished Overbore Diameter
Preliminary Bore Bore Diameter Before Honing 105.373 mm (4.1485 inch) to 105.424 mm (4.1505 inch)
Surface Texture 3.2 µm to 4.0 µm (125.9843 µinch to 157.4803 µinch) Ra
Maximum Out of Round and Taper 0.02 mm (0.0008 inch)
Diamond Hone Finished Diameter 105.449 mm (4.1515 inch) to 105.461 mm (4.1520 inch)
Surface Texture 2.2 µm to 3.0 µm (86.61417 µinch to 118.1102 µinch) Ra
Maximum Out of Round and Taper 0.012 mm (0.0005 inch)
Silicone Carbide Base Hone Finished Diameter 105.500 mm (4.1535 inch) to 105.525 mm (4.1545 inch)
Surface Texture 1.3 µm to 3.0 µm (51.1811 µinch to 62.9921 µinch) Ra
Maximum Out of Round and Taper 0.010 mm (0.0004 inch)
Silicone Carbide Plateau Hone Final Diameter 105.500 mm (4.1535 inch) to 105.525 mm (4.1545 inch)
Surface Texture Ra .65 to 1.3 µm
.65 µm to 1.3 µm (25.59055 µinchto 51.1811 µinch) Ra
Table 14
Parameter Limit
Rpk 0.0002 mm (0.00001 inch)
Rk 0.0002 mm (0.00001 inch)- 0.0006 mm (0.00002 in)
Rvk 0.0008 mm (0.00003 inch)- 0.0018 mm (0.00007 inch)
Mr1 <10%
Mr2 65-85%
Rpk, Rk, Mr1, and Mr2 are defined by BS EN ISO 13565-2:1998
Rz value may be expected to be less than 5 microns
Rz as defined by BS EN ISO 4287:2000
The honing finish crosshatch is required with a horizontal (tangential to axis of the cylinder bore) inclusive circumferential angle of 30 degrees to 35 degrees when measured midway along the bore.
The surface texture shall be cleanly cut and free from excessive tearing, folding, smearing, and foiling. Surface to be uniformly cut in both directions throughout the length of the cylinder bore.Camshaft Bushing
Illustration 8 g06305135When replacing the camshaft bushing, the bushing should not protrude past the

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