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TUBE AS 2058370 - Caterpillar

2058370 TUBE AS Caterpillar parts D9T TUBE
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Caterpillar 2058370 TUBE AS
Weight: 1 pounds 0 kg.

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start by:a) remove fuel injection lines1. Remove the hood. Remove the panel assembly from the left side of the rear frame.2. Turn the fuel valve to the "OFF" position. The valve location is on the fuel tank. 3. Disconnect rod assembly (3) from the governor control lever.4. Disconnect hose assembly (5) from the fuel injection pump housing. Disconnect hose assembly (4) from the fuel filter base.5. Remove fuel line (1) and disconnect fuel line (2) from the fuel ratio control.6. Remove the clip used to hold drain hoses in position at the cylinder block below the alternator. 7. Remove timing pin (6) from storage hole (7). Use the bolt that holds the crankshaft pulley to turn the crankshaft clockwise as seen from the front of the engine. Turn the crankshaft until pin (6) can be installed in the groove (slot) of the fuel injection pump camshaft. Tool (A) can be used to turn the crankshaft. If tool (A) is used, remove the electric starting motor and install tool (A) in the flywheel housing.8. Remove the plug from the flywheel housing. Install a 3/8"-16 NC x 2 1/2" bolt (8) into the threaded hole of the flywheel.
Never turn the crankshaft counterclockwise to install the bolt in the flywheel. If the crankshaft is turned counterclockwise, the gear clearance (backlash) can cause the engine to be out of time when the fuel injection pump housing and governor are installed.
9. Remove the left hand fan guard (9) from machine.10. Loosen the bolts that hold the alternator in position and remove vee belts (10) from the alternator pulley. 11. Remove cover (11) and gasket from the timing gear cover.12. Remove the bolt and washer that hold the drive gear to the fuel injection pump camshaft. Install tooling (C) on the end of the bolt. Install and tighten the bolt, washer and tooling (C) to hold the sleeve on the end of the fuel injection pump camshaft. 13. Install tooling (B) on the drive gear. Tighten the center bolt of tooling (B) until the drive gear is loose. Remove tooling (B), the bolt and washers. The drive gear will stay in the timing gear cover. 14. Remove bracket (15), turbocharger oil lines (14) and adapter (13).15. Remove the nuts (12) and bolt that hold the fuel injection pump housing and governor to the timing gear plate, and remove the fuel injection pump housing and governor.Install Fuel Injection Pump Housing And Governor
1. Make sure the timing pin is installed in the groove (slot) of the fuel injection pump camshaft. 2. Inspect the O-ring seal for the fuel transfer pump. Install a new seal if needed. Put clean engine oil on the seal. Put the fuel injection pump housing and governor assembly (1) in position on the engine. Install the nuts and bolt that hold it in place. 3. Put clean oil on the adapter O-ring seals, and install adapter (2) and bracket (3) in position on engine. 4. Install turbocharger lines (4) between the turbocharger

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