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TUBE AS 2389940 - Caterpillar

2389940 TUBE AS Caterpillar parts C-9, C9 TUBE
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 2389940 TUBE AS
Weight: 0.20 pounds 0 kg.

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TRUCK ENGINE  C-9   C9   Caterpillar
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Swing Motor with Fine Swing (If Equipped)
Illustration 2 g06067065
Partial schematic
(8) Swing motor
(14) Main control valve
(42) Idler pump
(43) Pilot pump
(44) Drive pump
(48) Hydraulic tank
(49) Fine swing solenoidHydraulic Schematic with Heavy Lift
Illustration 3 g06067070
Partial schematic
(14) Main control valve
(28) Pilot oil manifold
(38) Main relief valve
(43) Pilot pump
(48) Hydraulic tank
(50) Heavy lift solenoidHydraulic Pump Flow and Pressure Control System
Illustration 4 g06067101
Pump compartment
(42) Idler pump
(43) Pilot pump
(44) Drive pump
(46) Proportional reducing valve (power shift pressure)
(51) Delivery line (drive pump)
(52) Delivery line (idler pump)This machine is driven and controlled by the following systems.
The main hydraulic system controls the cylinders, the travel motors, and the swing motor.
The pilot hydraulic system supplies oil to the main pumps, the main control valve, the swing brake, and the travel motors.
The electronic control system controls the outputs of the engine and pumps.The main hydraulic system delivers oil flow from idler pump (42) and drive pump (44) to control the following components: heel cylinder (5), stick cylinder (6), boom cylinders (3), grapple cylinders (7), right travel motor (10), left travel motor (9), and swing motor (8).
Illustration 5 g06067104
Main control valve
(14) Main control valve body
(38) Main relief valveDrive pump (44) and idler pump (42) are variable displacement piston pumps. The performance of both pumps is equal.Drive pump (44) is directly connected to the engine by a flexible coupling. Idler pump (42) is mechanically connected to the drive pump through gears. The drive pump and the idler pump deliver oil to main control valve body (14). The drive pump delivers oil to the left travel control valve, the boom I control valve, the heel control valve, and the stick II control valve. The idler pump delivers oil to the right travel control valve, the boom II control valve, the swing control valve, and the stick I control valve. Pilot pump (43) is a gear pump that supplies oil to the pilot hydraulic system. Pilot pump (43) is mechanically connected to idler pump (42) through gears. All engine output is used to drive these three pumps.As the load pressure increases during working conditions, the main pumps increase the delivery pressure and the pumps decrease the flow rate. The hydraulic horsepower remains constant even though the delivery pressure and the flow rates change. The hydraulic horsepower is identical to the engine horsepower.When no work is being performed, pump oil flows through main control valve (14) and into hydraulic tank (48). The main control valve sends a negative flow control signal to each main pump regulator to destroke the pump to the minimum output flow.If an operation is being performed, main control valve (14) directs pump oil to the respective cylinders (boom, heel, grapple, and stick) and/or motors (swing and travel). Main control valve (14) contains numerous valve stems, passages, check valves, orifices, and electronic solenoids to carry out a single operation or a combined operation. The working pressure of the main hydraulic system is regulated by main relief valve (38).
Illustration 6 g06067111
(53) Monitor panel
(54) Joystick (stick and swing)
(55) Joystick (heel and boom)
(56) Left travel lever/pedal
(57) Right travel lever/pedal
(58) Engine

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