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2559781 TUBE AS Caterpillar parts TUBE
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Caterpillar 2559781 TUBE AS

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Remove the hydraulic tank filler cap only after the engine has been stopped and the filler cap is cool enough to remove with your bare hand.Remove the hydraulic tank filler cap slowly to relieve pressure.Relieve all pressure in air, oil, fuel or cooling systems before any lines, fittings or related items are disconnected or removed. Battery electrolyte contains acid and can cause injury. Avoid contact with the skin and eyes.Fire or Explosion Prevention
All fuels, most lubricants and some coolant mixtures are flammable.Do not smoke while refueling or in a refueling area.Do not smoke in areas where batteries are charged, or where flammable materials are stored.When starting from an external source, always connect the positive (+) boost cable to the positive (+) terminal of the battery of the engine to be started.Attach the negative (-) boost ground cable last, away from the battery. See the Operation Guide for specific instructions.Clean and tighten all electrical connections. Check daily for loose or frayed electrical wires. Have all loose or frayed electrical wires tightened, repaired or replaced before operating the machine. Store all oily rags or other flammable material in a protective container, in a safe place.Do not weld or flame cut on pipes or tubes that contain flammable fluids.Clean them thoroughly with nonflammable solvent before welding or flame cutting on them.Remove all flammable materials such as fuel, oil and other debris before they accumulate on the machine.Do not expose the machine to flames, burning brush, etc., if at all possible.Do not bend or strike high pressure lines. Do not install bent or damaged lines, tubes or hoses.Repair any loose or damaged fuel and oil lines, tubes and hoses. Leaks can cause fires.Inspect all lines, tubes and hoses carefully. Do not use your bare hand to check for leaks. Tighten all connections to the recommended torque.Make sure that all clamps, guards and heat shields, are installed correctly to prevent vibration, rubbing against other parts and excessive heat during operation.Keep all fuels and lubricants stored in properly marked containers and away from all unauthorized persons.Shields, which protect hot exhaust components from oil or fuel spray in the event of a line, tube or seal failure, must be installed correctly. Ether is flammable. Do not smoke while changing ether cylinders.Do not store replacement ether cylinders in living areas or in the operator's compartment.Use ether only in well ventilated areas.Keep ether cylinders out of the reach of unauthorized persons.Do not store ether cylinders in direct sunlight. Discard cylinders in a safe place. Do not puncture or burn cylinders.Fire Extinguisher
Always have a fire extinguisher on the machine and know how to use it. Inspect and have it serviced as recommended on its instruction plate.Tire Information
Explosions of air-inflated earthmoving tires have resulted from heat-induced gas combustion inside the tires. The heat, generated by welding or heating rim components, external fire, or excessive use of brakes can cause gaseous combustion.A fire explosion is much more violent than a blowout. The explosion can propel the tire, rim and final

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