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2559845 TUBE AS Caterpillar parts TUBE
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Caterpillar 2559845 TUBE AS

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Drive Shaft Support Bearing
Lubricate one fitting.Drive Shaft Universal Joints
1. Lubricate one fitting in the front shaft universal joint. 2. Lubricate one fitting in the front universal joint of the center shaft. 3. Lubricate one fitting in the rear universal joint of the center shaft. 4. Lubricate one fitting in each of the two rear shaft universal joints. Total five fittings.Frame Upper and Lower Pivot Bearings
1. Lubricate one fitting at the upper pivot pin. 2. Lubricate one fitting at the lower pivot pin. Total two fittings.Transmission
Change Oil - Clean Magnetic Strainer
Hot oil and components can cause injury. Do not allow hot oil or components to contact the skin.
The machine must be level and the oil warm. Lower the bucket with slight down pressure.Apply the parking brake. Stop the engine. 1. Remove the transmission drain plug and drain the oil.2. Change the filter element. See the topic "Transmission" under "Every 500 Service Hours or 3 Months." 3. Remove the magnetic strainer cover. 4. Remove the magnets from the housing.
When using pressure air, wear a protective face shield and protective clothing. The maximum air pressure must be below 205 kPa (30 psi) for cleaning purposes.Use all cleaning solutions with care.
5. Remove the screen from the housing. 6. Wash the tube and the screen in a clean, nonflammable solvent. 7. Clean the magnets with a cloth, a stiff bristle brush or pressure air.
Do not drop or rap the magnets against any hard objects. Replace any damaged magnets.
8. Clean the cover and inspect the seal. Replace the seal, if it is damaged. 9. Insert the magnets in the screen. 10. Insert the screen, tube and magnets in the housing. 11. Install the cover. Tighten the cover bolts.12. Clean and install the transmission drain plug. 13. Fill the transmission with oil. See the "Refill Capacities" chart.14. Install a new breather located on top of the transmission case.15. Start the engine. Apply the service brake. Depress the right brake pedal only.16. Slowly operate the transmission controls to circulate the oil. Lock the transmission control in NEUTRAL. 17. Add oil if necessary, to bring the oil level between the ADD and FULL marks on the "Engine at Low Idle" side of the dipstick.18. Stop the engine.Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS)
To avoid possible weakening of the Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS), consult a Caterpillar dealer before altering the ROPS in any way. The protection offered by the ROPS will be impaired if it has been subjected to structural damage or has been involved in an overturn incident.
1. Inspect the ROPS structure thoroughly for any damage, cracks, etc.2. Report any damage, cracks, etc., immediately.Engine Valve Lash
Measure Valve Lash (Clearance)
To prevent possible injury, do not use the starter motor to turn the flywheel.Hot engine components can cause burns. Allow additional time for the engine to cool before measuring valve clearance.
Measure the valve lash with the engine stopped. To obtain an accurate measurement, allow at least 20 minutes for the valves to cool to engine cylinder head and block temperature.
If the valve

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