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2559846 TUBE AS Caterpillar parts TUBE
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Caterpillar 2559846 TUBE AS

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If the machine is to be stored in, or shipped to, an area with freezing temperatures, the cooling system must either be protected to the lowest expected outside temperature or drained completely.Maintain a 3% concentration of Caterpillar cooling system conditioner or equivalent. Follow the recommendations on the container.Do not use Caterpillar cooling system conditioner with Dowtherm 209 Full-Fill coolant. Follow the recommendations provided with Dowtherm 209 Full-Fill coolant.
When conditioner is added to the cooling system at recommended intervals, it is not necessary to drain and refill yearly. The cooling system drain period can then be extended to 4000 service hours or 2 years.Use clean water that is low in scale forming minerals - not softened water. Measure the specific gravity of the coolant solution frequently in cold weather to assure adequate protection.The machine must be level, the engine stopped and cool. The bucket must be lowered with slight down pressure.Apply the parking brake.1. Loosen the radiator cap slowly to relieve any pressure. Remove the cap.2. Open the radiator drain valve and drain all the coolant from the engine and the radiator.3. Close the drain valve.4. Mix the coolant solution, (see the "Refill Capacities" chart) to provide protection from freezing to the lowest expected outside temperature. 5. Add the coolant slowly, 20 liters (5 U.S. gallons) per minute or less, to the proper level. 6. Add 2 liters (2 quarts) of cooling system conditioner, to provide a 3% concentration of conditioner in the system.7. With the radiator cap removed, start the engine. Allow the coolant to warm and the coolant level to stabilize. 8. Observe the coolant level. Maintain the coolant level to within 1 cm (1/2 inch) of the bottom of the fill pipe. 9. Stop the engine. Add more coolant if necessary.10. Inspect the radiator cap gasket. Replace it, if it is damaged. Install the radiator cap.Hydraulic System
Change Oil
Hot oil and components can cause injury. Do not allow hot oil or components to contact the skin.
The machine must be level and the oil warm. Lower the bucket with slight down pressure.Apply the parking/secondary brake and stop the engine. 1. Move the hydraulic controls to help relieve the system pressure. 2. Remove the fill cap slowly to relieve the pressure. 3. Remove the tank drain plug.4. Install a 1 inch NPT pipe nipple (Caterpillar Part Number 6B3156) to unseat the drain valve.
Install the drain pipe nipple only finger tight until the oil starts to drain. Do NOT force the pipe nipple into the valve. This will damage the drain valve and cause leakage.
5. Allow the oil to drain. Change the filter element, see the topic "Hydraulic System" under "Every 500 Service Hours or 3 Months." 6. Remove the fill screen.
When using pressure air, wear a protective face shield and protective clothing. The maximum air pressure at the nozzle must be less than 205 kPa (30 psi) for cleaning purposes.Use all cleaning solutions with care.
7. Clean the fill screen in a clean, nonflammable solvent. Shake or blow dry.8. Install

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