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TUBE AS 2809538 - Caterpillar

2809538 TUBE AS Caterpillar parts 793D TUBE
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 2809538 TUBE AS
Weight: 2 pounds 1 kg.

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Compatible equipment models: 2809538:

TRUCK  793D   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 28
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Do not adjust brake too tight. Difficult shifting and rapid brake lining wear will result.
(51)Cab Air Filter - Cleaning Elements
Fresh Air Filters
1. Open cover and remove filter elements. 2. Clean elements by using pressure air or by tapping element on a smooth object.3. Install element.
When using pressure air, wear safety face shield and protective clothing. Use 30 PSI (2 kg/cm2) maximum pressure air for cleaning pressure.
Recirculating Filter
1. Remove cover and remove filter element. 2. Clean element with pressure air or wash element in warm water and a non-sudsing household detergent, rinse in clean water and air dry thoroughly.3. Install element.(52)Ripper
1. Raise and block ripper. 2. Drive pin out, remove tip.3. Clean pin and shank. 4. Slide new tip on shank and install pin.(53)Hydraulic Cylinders - Shim Adjusted Rod Packing
1. Lower blade and stop engine. 2. Move hydraulic controls to relieve pressure. 3. Remove bolts and slide flange away from cylinder head. 4. Cut and remove 1 shim. 5. Slide flange back and install bolts. Start engine and observe for leaks.6. If still leaking, remove another shim. Leave at least 2 shims. If packing still leaks, see your Caterpillar dealer.(54)Bulldozer - Diagonal Arm and Tilt Brace Ball and Socket Adjustment
1. Remove cap bolts. Shorten brace and remove shims.2. Clean grease from ball and socket. Clean shims.3. Lengthen brace. Install and tighten bolts evenly. 4. Measure clearance between cap and socket with shims.5. Remove bolts and shorten brace. Install shims equal to measured clearance plus 1 shim. 6. Lengthen brace and install bolts. Tighten bolts to 150 20 lb. ft. (20.75 2.75 mkg). Lubricate ball and socket.(55)Cutting Edge And End Bits Change cutting edge and use new end bits before wear starts on blade support.
1. Raise and block blade before changing cutting edge or end bits. 2. Remove bolts. 3. Remove cutting edge or bit. Clean contact surfaces. 4. Use opposite cutting edge if not worn. Use new section if both edges are worn. 5. Use new end bits.6. Install bolts and tighten to specified torque. (See PLOW BOLT TORQUE CHART).7. After a few hours of operation retighten bolts to proper torque. (56)Cooling System - Cleaning
Always inspect cooling system with engine not running.Use caution when removing filler cap on radiator. Remove filler cap slowly to relieve pressure. Steam can cause personal injury.Inhibitor contains alkali. Avoid contact with skin and eyes to prevent personal injury.
Never add coolant to an overheated engine, allow engine to cool first.
If a machine is to be stored in or shipped to an area with below freezing temperatures, refer to COOLING SYSTEM - Changing antifreeze story.Whenever draining or filling the cooling system always observe the coolant level when the engine reaches normal operating temperature. 1. Loosen filler cap slowly to relieve pressure and remove filler cap. 2. Open radiator drain valve. 3. Remove transmission cooler drain plug. 4. Remove block drain plug.
Use all cleaning solution with care.
5. Close drain valves and install all drain plugs. Fill system with cleaning solution. 1 Most commercial cooling system

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog
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