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TUBE AS 3904698 - Caterpillar

3904698 TUBE AS Caterpillar parts 950K, 962K TUBE
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Caterpillar 3904698 TUBE AS
Weight: 1 pounds 0 kg.

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WHEEL LOADER  950K   962K   Caterpillar
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Eccentric Plug Adjustment.
(4) Eccentric plug locknut. (5) Pin. (6) Eccentric plug.6. If it is necessary to rotate control handle (9) clockwise to obtain electrical continuity, use the adjustment tool to rotate eccentric plug (6) to move pin (5) down (or toward the pump).If a counterclockwise rotation of the control handle was necessary to obtain electrical continuity, rotate the eccentric plug to move the pin up (or away from the pump). Only a small amount of adjustment in either direction is needed to center the pin in the cam slot (7).Turn eccentric plug (6) a maximum of 1/4 turn while frequently stopping to check maximum depth of pin (5) into the eccentric plug. In most cases it can be determined that the pin has engaged in the slot, either by feel or depth gauge, within the first 1/4 turn.7. While holding eccentric plug (6) in place with the adjustment tool, tighten eccentric plug locknut (4) to a torque of 27 N m (20 lb ft).8. Install the neutral start.9. Make certain the control is in the neutral position. If the neutral start switch is being replaced with the control removed from the pump, neutral can be verified by rotating control link (9) until pin (5) is engaged in cam slot (7).10. Recheck neutral start switch electrical continuity to determine if additional adjustment to the eccentric plug is necessary.If further adjustment is required, continue rotation up to additional 1/4 turn. Do not exceed 1/2 turn total or 180° from the initial pin position. Doing so will turn the eccentric plug into or out of the housing beyond specifications.If too much adjustment was made, turn the eccentric plug 1/8 turn in the opposite direction.Again, install the neutral start switch and check for electrical continuity.Brake Efficiency Check
Refer to the on the first page of Troubleshooting.
Do the Main Relief Valve Pressure Test before doing the brake efficiency check.
Parking Brake Valve
(1) Wire connector with purple wire #777.1. Disconnect wire connector (1). This will allow the parking brake to stay applied during the test.
Pressure Taps
(2) Test port. (3) Test port.2. Connect a 60 000 kPa (8700 psi) pressure gauge from the 4C4892 ORFS Fittings Group to test ports (2) and (3).3. Start and run the engine at high idle until the hydraulic oil temperature reaches 38°C (100°F). Engine rpm should be 2350 50 rpm.4. Release the parking brake. Slowly move the propulsion control lever fully forward. The rear wheels must not spin during this test. If wheel spin is a problem, move to a location with better soil density.5. As soon as the drum starts to turn, note the pressure gauge readings. The pressure must not be less than 25 000 kPa (3600 psi).6. If the pressure is less than 25 000 kPa (3600 psi), it is an indication that the brake discs are worn and need to be replaced.Propulsion Motor Case Leakage Test
Front Propulsion Motor
Refer to the on the first page of Troubleshooting.
A calibrated bucket will be required to perform this test. Install

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