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VALVE GP-RELIEF 1057713 - Caterpillar

1057713 VALVE GP-RELIEF Caterpillar parts IT12B, IT14F, IT14G VALVE
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Caterpillar 1057713 VALVE GP-RELIEF
Weight: 0.53 pounds 0 kg.

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Fuel Recommendations
Fill the fuel tank at the end of each day of operation to remove moist air and prevent condensation. Maintain a constant level in the tank (near the top) to avoid drawing moisture into the tank as the level decreases.Do not fill the tank to the top. Fuel expands as it warms, and may overflow.Do not fill fuel filters with fuel before installing them. Contaminated fuel causes accelerated wear to fuel system parts.
Use only fuel recommended in this section of this manual. Fuel grades recommended for use in Caterpillar diesel engines are: No. 2-D diesel fuel with low sulfur (0.05 percent maximum), or regular sulfur (0.5 percent maximum). No. 1 grades are acceptable.The table lists worldwide fuel standards which meet Caterpillar requirements. Aviation kerosene-type fuels meeting acceptable limits may also be used as an engine fuel. The table lists some of the acceptable kerosene-type fuels. A minimum viscosity of 1.4 cSt at 38°C (100°F) is required to properly lubricate Caterpillar fuel system components. Kerosene-type fuels have a lower viscosity for low temperature operation.The kerosene-type fuels have less energy per unit volume than diesel fuels, producing less peak power. More kerosene-type fuel is needed than diesel fuel to do the same amount of work.Caterpillar diesel engines are capable of burning a wide range of distillate fuels. Burning clean, stable blends of distillate fuel meeting the listed requirements will provide quality engine service life. When economics or fuel availability dictate, other fuel types may be burned in the engine. Consult your Caterpillar dealer for more information and advice on any specific fuel.Cetane Number
During average starting conditions, direct injection engines a require a minimum cetane number of 40. A higher cetane value may be required for high altitude or cold weather operation.Filterability
Clean fuels should have no more than 0.1 percent of sediment and water. Fuel stored for extended periods of time may oxidize and form solids, causing filtering problems.Pour Point
Fuel pour point should be at least 6°C (10°F) below the lowest ambient temperature at which the engines must start and operate. Lower pour points of No. 1 or No. 1-D fuel may be necessary in extremely cold weather.Cloud Point
The cloud point should be below the lowest ambient temperature at which the engines must start and operate, in order to prevent the fuel filter elements from plugging with wax crystals. Refer to the topic Fuel Problems in Cold Weather Recommendations, SEBU5898, for additional information.Viscosity
Fuel viscosity effects the lubrication of fuel system components and fuel atomization. The provided viscosity limits address both of those affects.Additives
Fuel additives are generally not recommended or needed for the specified fuels listed. Cetane improvers can be used as necessary for direct injection engine requirements. Biocides may be needed to eliminate microorganism growth in storage tanks. In cold weather conditions, treatment for entrained water may also be necessary.Consult your fuel supplier about the use of additives to prevent incompatibility among additives already in the fuel and the additives to be used.Fuel Sulfur
The percentage of sulfur in fuel affects

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