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0878497 WASHER TAB Caterpillar parts WASHER
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Caterpillar 0878497 WASHER TAB

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Remove timing pins (2) from the storage positions after the timing bolt is installed in the flywheel. The engine must be on the No. 1 piston compression stroke.
Install timing pins (2) through timing holes (1) in the engine block. Install timing pins (2) into the groove in camshaft (3) on each side of the engine. To time the engine correctly, the timing pins must fit into the groove of each camshaft.
If timing pins (2) do not engage in the grooves of both camshafts, the engine is not in time. One camshaft or both camshafts must be adjusted.
Both camshafts are adjusted in the same manner. Refer to "Timing Adjustment Procedure" for the procedure to put the camshafts in time with the crankshaft.
If a camshaft is out of time more than 18 degrees (approximately 1/2 the diameter of timing pin out of groove), the valves can make contact with the pistons. This will cause damage that will make engine repair necessary.
Timing Adjustment Procedure
Note: The timing must be checked before the timing adjustments are made. Refer to "Timing Check Procedure" for the procedure.After the Timing Check procedure is complete, the timing bolt will be engaged in the flywheel. The No. 1 piston will be at the top center (TC) position.
Illustration 3 g00284803
Rocker shafts (typical example)
(1) Bolt
(2) Rocker shaft
Illustration 4 g00284804
Camshaft drive gears (RH side)
(3) Drive gear
(4) Plate
(5) Bolt
Remove all the valve covers on the side for the camshaft adjustment. Loosen bolts (1) that hold rocker shafts (2) to the valve cover bases until all rocker arms are free from the injectors and the valves.Note: The above procedure must be done before camshaft drive gear (3) is pulled off the camshaft taper.
Remove the covers from the flywheel housing.
Illustration 5 g06053503
Camshaft drive gears (LH side)
(4) Plate
(5) Bolt
(6) Timing ring
Remove bolt (5) and plate (4) on the RH side.
Remove bolt (5), plate (4), and timing ring (7) on LH side.
Illustration 6 g06053508
Storage position for timing pins (typical example)
(7) Timing pin
Install the 6V-3010 Puller Group, two 8S-9089 Bolts, and two 5P-1076 Hard Washers. Loosen drive gears (3) from the taper on the camshafts. Remove the engine turning tool and the gears.
Remove timing pins (7) from the storage position on each side of the engine.
Illustration 7 g06053514
Installed camshaft timing pin (typical example)
(7) Timing pin
Turn the camshafts until timing pins (7) can be installed through the engine block and into the grooves (slots) in the camshafts.
Clean the taper of the camshaft and clean the tapered bore of the camshaft gear. Use a lint free cloth that is saturated with a solvent to remove any excess oil. Clean the parts again with a lint free alcohol wipe to remove any residue. If the alcohol wipe is dirty after cleaning the parts, clean the parts again with a clean lint free alcohol wipe. Repeat the cleaning until no residue is left on the alcohol wipe.Note: The taper of the camshaft and the tapered bore of the camshaft gear must be clean, dry, and free of residue.
Ensure that both camshafts have the

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