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WHEEL AS 3237386 - Caterpillar

3237386 WHEEL AS Caterpillar parts WHEEL
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3237386 WHEEL AS
Weight: 0.01 pounds 0 kg.

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Table 1
Service Tools
Part Number Part
PC Related Tools
Most Recent Version of Cat® Electronic Technician (Cat ET) Service Tool(1)
Most Recent Version of VIMSpc(2)
Windows-Based PC
One of the Following Calibrated Digital Multimeters, Checkers, and Accessories
237-5130 Digital Multimeter
257-9140 Digital Multimeter
146-4080 Digital Multimeter Gp(3)
7X-1710 Multimeter Probe
8T-3224 Needle Tip Group
8T-0500 Continuity Tester
5P-7277 Voltage Tester
Other Tools
8T-8726 Cable Assembly (Three Pin) (3-Pin Breakout)
6V-3000 Connector Repair Kit (Sure Seal)
190-8900 Connector Repair Kit (Deutsch)
175-3700 Connector Repair Kit (Deutsch DT)
317-7484 Communication Adapter 3 Gp
147-6456 Wedge Removal Tool
185-3996 Thread Lock Compound
1P-0810 Electrical Tape
1U-5804 Calibrated Crimp Tool
8T-0065 Silicone Sealant
(1) The most recent version of Cat® ET can be found at: https://dealer.cat.com/CatET.
(2) The most recent version of VIMSpc and the most recent version of VIMSpc User Manual can be found at: https://dealer.cat.com/cda/layout?m=398435&x=7&f=882808.
(3) This multimeter can use an RS232C cable to connect to a Laptop computer or Dataview tool group for troubleshooting.Cat® ET
Cat® Electronic Technician (Cat ET) Service Tool runs on a Windows-based PC. This tool is not required to determine and clear the diagnostic codes. However, the process of determining the diagnostic codes is easier and faster by using Cat ET. Cat ET can also display diagnostic code history and diagnostic code parameter status. These features allow Cat ET to be a useful tool for troubleshooting.VIMSpc
VIMSpc is a software tool used to analyze data downloaded from a machine. VIMSpc runs on a Windows-based PC and can access all the VIMSTM information for the machine.VIMSpc does not need to connect to a machine. VIMSpc can be used to generate reports that provide historical records of the operating conditions for the machine. The operating conditions represent the work environment and the operating parameters of the machine in the work environment. These reports can be used to monitor trends in the work environment and machine operation.Multimeters and Checkers
Use a calibrated digital multimeter to test continuity and voltage. See the instructions that are provided in the multimeter manual to operate the multimeter safely. The 7X-1710 Multimeter Probes are used to take measurements at a connector without separating the connections. The probe cables are pushed into the back of the connector along the wire. The 8T-8726 Adapter Cable has a three-pin breakout and is used for sensor circuit measurements.Note: Use a 8T-0500 Continuity Tester and a 5P-7277 Voltage Tester to test a harness. Do not use a 8T-0500 Continuity Tester or a 5P-7277 Voltage Tester for electronic circuits.Connectors
Reference: For Sure Seal connectors, see:
Special Instruction, SMHS7531Reference: For Deutsch connectors, see:
Special Instruction, SEHS9615

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