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WIRE AS 0543971 - Caterpillar

0543971 WIRE AS Caterpillar parts D3B WIRE
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Caterpillar 0543971 WIRE AS
Weight: 0.05 pounds 0 kg.

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8. After the recoil spring assembly is centered, install pins (5) on the back side of reaction plate (2), as shown.9. Operate Tooling (B) enough to hold the recoil spring assembly in position between the reaction plate and the movable plate. Make sure that the recoil spring assembly is centered. Remove the suitable lifting device. 10. Close covers (6) on Tooling (A). Use Tooling (B) to compress the recoil spring assembly slightly. 11. Remove full nut (7) from the end of the recoil spring assembly. Retract the rod on Tooling (B) until the recoil spring is free.Open covers (6) on Tooling (A). Fasten a suitable lifting device to the recoil spring assembly. Remove the reaction plate in order to remove the recoil spring assembly from Tooling (A). 13. Separate the components of the recoil spring assembly. Remove full nut (7) and plate (19) from adjuster assembly (18). Attach an appropriate lifting device to recoil spring (14) and remove the recoil spring. Remove bolts (8) and washers (9) and ring seal (11). Remove fill valve (12) and seal (13). Remove seals (15) and (16). Remove wear ring (17).Assembly Procedure
Cleanliness is an important factor. Before assembly, all parts should be thoroughly cleaned in cleaning fluid. Allow the parts to air dry. Wiping cloths or rags should not be used to dry parts. Lint my be deposited on the parts that may cause later trouble. Inspect all parts. If any parts are worn or damaged, use new parts for replacement. All assembly procedures must be performed on a clean work surface and in a clean hydraulic area. Keep cleaned parts covered and protected at all times. Check the O-ring seals and seal for wear or for damage. Replace the components, if necessary.
Personal injury or death may result from recoil spring force. Recoil spring force, if not relieve, can result in personal injury or death.Relieve spring force before removing threaded retainer, performing repairs on recoil spring housing, or removing recoil spring.
Check the condition of the threads on adjuster assembly (18) and on full nut (7). If any of the threads are worn or damaged, use new parts for replacement.1. Install wear ring (17). Install seals (16) and (15). Install seal (13) and fill valve (12) in adjuster assembly (18). Tighten the fill valve to a torque of 34 6 N*m (25 4 lb ft).2. Install O-ring seal (11). Install guard assembly (10) with washers (9) and bolts (8).3. Loosely assemble the remaining components of the recoil spring assembly. Install adjuster assembly (18) in spring (14). 4. Install Tooling (B) on Tooling (A). 5. Install Tooling (C) to Tooling (B). 6. Install Tooling (D) on Tooling (B), as shown. Two adjustable supports (1), reaction plate (2), and movable plate (3) are part of Tooling (A).7. Position two supports (1) Tooling (A) in order to support the recoil spring assembly. Make sure that the two supports are level.8. Adjust the spacing between reaction plate (2) and movable plate (3) so that the

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog

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