2291632 Caterpillar RING-PISTON

2291632 RING-PISTON Caterpillar 3512B, 3512C, 3516B, 3516C, 785D, 789C, 789D, 793C, 793D, 797, 797B, 994F, 994H, D11R, PM3516, SPF343C, TH48-E80, TH55-E70, XQC1200, XQC1600 RING

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Number on scheme: 6

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3512B .   3512C .   3516B .   3516C .   785D .   789C .   789D .   793C .   793D .   797 .   797B .   994F .   994H .   D11R .   PM3516 .   SPF343C .   TH48-E80 .   TH55-E70 .   XQC1200 .   XQC1600 .   Caterpillar

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Caterpillar individual list:
3512B Marine Long Stroke Engine 2EZ00001-UP
3516B Marine Long Stroke Engine 4BW00001-UP
3516B High Displacement Marine Auxiliary Engine CBN00001-UP
3516B High Displacement Marine Engine CDE00001-UP
3512B High Displacement Marine Engine BRN00001-UP
3512B Marine Auxiliary Engine S2H00001-UP
3512B Marine Engine S2J00001-UP
3512B Marine Engine S2N00001-UP
3516B Marine Engine S2T00001-UP
3516B Marine Engine S2X00001-UP
3512C Marine Engine MKH00001-UP
3512C Marine Engine MRG00001-UP
3516C Marine Engine PAG00001-UP
3516C Marine Engine B5G00001-UP
3516B Marine Auxiliary Engine S2Z00001-UP
3512C Marine Engine TTE00001-UP
3512C Marine Engine TTF00001-UP
3512C Marine Engine TTG00001-UP
3512C Marine Auxiliary SLM00001-UP
3516C Marine Engine TTH00001-UP
3516C Marine Engine TTJ00001-UP
3516C Marine Auxiliary JTS00001-UP
3516C Marine Engine TKS00001-UP
3516C Marine Engine TKT00001-UP
3516C Marine Engine TKR00001-UP
3512C Marine Engine T3P00001-UP
3512C Marine Engine T3R00001-UP
3512C Marine Engine T3S00001-UP
3512C Marine Engine T3W00001-UP
3512C Marine Auxiliary Engine T3Y00001-UP
3512C Marine Engine TKP00001-UP
3516C Marine Auxiliary Engine TKX00001-UP
3516C Marine Engine TKY00001-UP
3516B/C Engine Emissions Upgrade Group Retrofit From Tier I To Tier II Equivalent Level (Long Stroke or High Displacement) 4BW00001-UP
3512B/C Engine Emissions Upgrade Group Retrofit From Tier I To Tier II Equivalent Level (Long Stroke or High Displacement) 2EZ00001-UP
3512C Marine Auxiliary Engine MXP00001-UP
3512C Marine Engine DPC00001-UP
3516C Marine Auxiliary Engine MXT00001-UP
3516C Marine Engine DPD00001-UP
3516C Marine Engine PXH00001-UP
3516C Marine Engine PXJ00001-UP
3512C Marine Engine PXF00001-UP
3512C Marine Engine PXG00001-UP
3512C Marine Engine PXE00001-UP